Sitting all day!

After my little mental hiccup yesterday, I realized that part of my problem was that I hadn’t really done much physically. I haven’t worked out for almost a week and what a freaking difference that makes. I also hadn’t slept very well for about a week and that is always really bad for me. Not sleeping through the night or waking up ten times doesn’t give your body the rest it needs.

It’s been humid here for the last week. Normally it doesn’t bother me. The weather has been great here so far this summer. The temps averaging in the low 80’s, almost perfect. But with the humidity, you end up running the air conditioner. I hate running the damn thing and much prefer to have open windows, light breezes and fresh air. When the humidity gets anywhere above 50% my hips start hurting. Bursitis is my sworn enemy. I can’t take any anti-inflammatory meds because of my bypass. So I end up toughing it out.

There are days like yesterday where I had little sleep and a lot of pain. I don’t get the same type of exercise I used to get where my hips are concerned and I’m going to have to change that soon. As I get older and move onto the second half of my life soon, I’ve come to realize that I have to take care of me and do things for me to keep healthy and in one piece.

I’m certainly not going to have the attitude that I’m getting older so there is nothing I can do about it. I’m not going to accept things are the way they are and become a prisoner or a martyr. I’m not going to live vicariously through other people or my kids, because when they are out of here, I don’t want to suddenly look around and say “Now What?”


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