An easy day

   Today was a nice busy day. The weather was awesome, a break from the 3 days of humidity over the weekend. The rest of the week high –  70’s and no humidity. It’s been an incredibly good start to summer.  Now that I have the store looking pretty much the way I want it, I’m going through and organizing  authors and their different series. I’m also re-organizing my backroom. The first time it was to get things together, this time I’m boxing up excess books and it will be time to donate again.

  I finally got my shipment of books that I was supposed to get yesterday. Opening up the box is like getting a x-mas present. A most awesome high…lol…All you book Ho’s know exactly what I mean.


I really appreciate days like these, they are few and far between. So as I continue my day, I know that I can chalk this one up on Good Day pile.





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