The World is not Ending!!!

Oh my word…First, I wanted to complain just a little about the humidity we are having today. Anything over 60% sucks so while it’s only 75 out, the moisture in the air in the air is oppressive, and sticky. I could never move to Florida, I would never be happy about the humidity. I have a leg that swells and my hips hurt sooo much when it gets like this. Guess I’ll be looking to retire in AZ….lol

Now the end of the world part. In a matter of 2 days the Supreme Court has changed the look of the land by upholding the healthcare and ensuring 6 MILLION people don’t lose their benefits. Before you feel the need to blast me, let me just say I realize it’s far from perfect but for those 6 Million folks it’s working.

The second is the decision concerning gay marriage. Finally they are equaling protected by the bond of marriage afforded to everyone else. They are finally getting the protections of spouses and their kids they deserve.

I don’t like extremism. In any religion, in any political party….in most things. Everyone has the right to believe what they choose to believe. But from the coverage today, you would think the sky had opened up and we’re about to have 7 plagues released upon on all.

Yesterday, I thought Ted Cruz was going to have a stroke. Right now I can only imagine what he did upon hearing the court’s decision. I could see him turn red, kick over the garbage can, do a little stomp, all the while a litany of cuss words flowing not stop.

Now there are groups stating that Christians are being persecuted. Persecuted…really….The last time I looked there were no people strapped to crosses or throngs being thrown in with a pride of lions. If you’re talking about those who live in other countries I’m all with you. But to turn in win for equal rights into some kind of persecution makes me want to botch slap you into tomorrow.

I’ve never understood the hypercritical stance in religion. For hundreds of years clergy men had secret wives, mistresses, and bastard children. Those women were forced to live with the secrets and had no protection. How the hell can you go up against a religion. I’ve sat next to people at church and listen as they talk about this woman or that man. Who’s being unfaithful. Who’s a cold-hearted fish. Who’s kids are getting into trouble. I can’t deal with the adage “Do as I say not as I do.”

Or the I’m a sinner, I suck and deserve everything that happens to me because I don’t worship the way they want me to. I don’t do that type of philosophy. Women have been subjugated throughout the holy book. I don’t think people even realize how many times the bible has been added  and subtracted to. The big enclave that happened hundreds of years ago where a room full of scholars and theologians decided what books were going to be in the Bible and not accepted what they didn’t like. How Kings world-wide would edit out or changed what they wanted in order to fit with their belief system.

It’s a way to control the mob- The roman’s were superb at doing this. They knew a peaceful society, a docile people united under a single system would be easier to control and easier to single out the rebels who wanted something more for the people.

I think the division is worse than ever before. I think the rich on both sides are out of fucking control. They spends millions and millions of dollars seducing the public to their side. It doesn’t matter if the facts aren’t there or embellished. We’ve become a country bought and sold by lobbyists and million and billionaires who have no clear idea what it means to live paycheck to paycheck.

Yesterday and today the affluent lost and I’m smiling ear to ear. I’m also taking a sadistic kind of joy watching the extremists lose their mind.

I know it’s beneath me but I’m going to enjoy this moment. History has been made and I never thought I’d live to see the day when my loved ones can marry in any state.


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