Shark attacks…again?

Holy hellfire…..I woke up this morning to the news that there were 2 shark attacks yesterday. One on N.Carolina and one in S. Carolina. All of these attacks have happened in waste deep water and now people are being told to stay out of the water!

What is happening now should be concerning. The question needs to be asked- Why are these sharks coming in so close to the shore?

We need to look at what doing to the ocean and how we’ve fucked them up with everything that we do from dumping to illegal hunting. Feeding chum into the water as we fish off piers.

Mother nature eventually fights back when we are neglecting her. This summer she’s pissed. Our over consumption of everything from gas, to garbage, We’ve encroached on nature, bulldozing beautiful areas so that we can live in huge homes, leaving wild life with less and less  habitat and then we become shocked when nature bites back.

I’m always puzzled when people demand these animals be hunted and destroyed. What do we really expect when we take over the places that used to belong to animals? I know there are some who feel that as the superior predator on the planet we can do anything we want but keep in mind that the earth will not go quietly and will get her revenge. All the major weather events that have been taking place over the last few years should be warning enough but it’s not.

Human’s are so wrapped up in their own little world they refuse to see beyond whats happening in their own backyard.

If we continue to consume, consume, consume we will continue to see things like this happening everywhere and when we finally accept the science of what our folly has produced, it may be too late. We worry about the kind of national debt will be around for our kids. I can’t see them complaining about it when the time comes where they can’t go anywhere without worrying about whether, sun damage or animals fighting for their territory.

Please keep cutting down forests for your golf courses. Damn up water. Using as many electrical appliances as possible. Continue not to recycle or up cycle and letting your garbage get buried so all the chemical scan go into the ground and eventually the water supply. Just because you drink your water from a bottle doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be worried about our water supply, clean water sources etc…Watch as the rising oceans starts wiping out coastline across the world.

I’m not a “The Sky Is Falling” type of person but when the facts are telling the story and we continue to refuse to believe the science, it’s our children and our children’s, children who will suffer the Real consequences of our selfish, self-centered view of the world and nature. We consume more than we produce. Some people still have a tom of kids which only adds to more consuming. It’s a vicious circle and my generation has dropped the ball when it comes to the environment.

It really sucks that people have been harmed by sharks but we are supposed to at least be smart and able to understand the consequences of our choices. Yet we blindly call them aberrations. It’s only been 6 people who’ve been attacked. Yet is 6 people up and down the coat of 2 different states.Will it start happening in Florida or on the west coast? Who knows but it’s something that everyone should be concerned about.


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