Sneak Peak

Yeah, I’m fiddling around with some W.i.P’s. I’m throwing up a prologue to something new I’m working on. This isn’t edited and my grammar generally sucks.

Working title- Lassiter –


“It’s been over a year. Time to have some wine and bury the whole mess.” Tina said as she filled two glasses.
Jody didn’t really like wine but it was better than nothing. Today had been the last straw, the icing on the cake or whatever other stupid saying you could think of.
She’d found Sam on a social media site and was devastated by what she learned about her cheating ex.
She sniffled and tried to shut the images out. “I know. My head always tells me to cut it the hell out but my heart, it won’t let go.”

“Pft…” Tina said. Her best friend wasn’t exactly subtle about her opinions, especially where Sam was concerned. “No one is worth what you’ve put yourself through. He didn’t give a shit and you need to accept that fact. He forgot about you the minute his dick got hard for someone else.”

“What can I say, I’m having a little trouble letting go.” That was the understatement of the century.

“A little trouble. You’re obsessed. You did some really stupid things to yourself and completely lost your way. Over a man!”

Jody took a big gulp of wine. The strong red burned as it hit her empty belly. She was already feeling a little sick as she remembered some of her behavior.
“I never felt that way before…ever. He told me I could trust him and I believed him.” Her cheeks heated as memories both happy and humiliating flooded her mind.
“Sweetie, I don’t know if he was playing a good game or meant it at the time but that time ended. Period. You deserve to be happy.”
“The idea of putting myself out there makes me want to vomit. I’m just not feeling it.”
Tina put her arm around Jody. “You were both horrible to each other. I’ve never seen two people more determined to torture each other in my life. At this point it doesn’t matter what he did or how he did it, just like it doesn’t matter that he said he loved you. You knew his insecurities and how he wanted to live. You know damn well that wasn’t going to happen with you.”
Damn, the thought still stung – not good enough. Whenever she thought that, her stomach would clench and she felt ashamed. Ashamed at where she was in life. Ashamed that she didn’t have enough. Ashamed with how she behaved after the break-up and the shit storm that followed.
In the end, it didn’t change anything. He’d moved on and now it was her turn. It didn’t make the pain go away but Jody hoped it would dwindle to nothing more than a twinge.
She emptied her wine glass and slid it on the table. “You’re right and starting right now, I’m done. If I ever say the name Sam again, feel free to slap me.”
“That’s better. Now let’s get drunk.”


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