Another taste of Lassiter

Another little excerpt from my W.I.P. This is unedited and contains sexual situations. Proceed with caution…lol.


Lassiter normally hated babysitting witnesses but this wasn’t just anyone. This was Jody. The last time he’d been here she’d been a spunky little twelve year old, who’d followed him around like a lost puppy.
He knew she had a crush on him but he was seventeen at the time and he only saw her as his best friend’s little sister.
She was all grown up now and what a woman she turned into. Tall and very curvy, just the way he liked it.
Part of him was annoyed by his attraction to her, the other part was more than happy to indulge in a little fantasy starring her.
Now here he was, sitting outside of her condo while Jack his partner stayed inside with her. Tonight he hadn’t trusted himself to be near her. He wanted to have just a little taste of her and that was a very bad idea.
He watched her leave the bathroom, a large pink towel wrapped around her. She sat at her vanity with her back to him. His hands clenched at the site of the tattoo’s going from between her shoulder blades and disappearing beneath the towel.
She brushed her short hair and the image of himself, sitting behind her and running his fingers through her chestnut tresses was so fucking tempting.
He zeroed in on her tattoos. A colorful butterfly took up the space between her soft shoulders. Another one was inked in below it only smaller. He counted two more before the offensive towel hid the rest of them.
How low did those butterflies go anyway? He wanted to know, more than anything. He wanted to follow the delicate lines of each tat. Let his fingers dance along her spine until she shivered for more.
He knew exactly how he’d do it. After his fingers did the walking, he’d replace them with his mouth and tongue. He’d follow the same path as his fingers, tracing each butterfly with the tip of his tongue. Would she moan? Would she lean back as he inched slowly down her body. Where did those fucking butterflies end?
His jeans felt way too tight as his desire grew and that wasn’t the only thing growing. He’d had a permanent hard-on since he’d come back to town.
He hadn’t expected the chemistry that leapt between them whenever they were in the same room. Jody was funny and smart as hell. Her large brown eyes threatened to bring him to his knees if she ever looked at him with the kind of hunger he felt when she was near. A picture of her small mouth wrapped tight around his cock had kept him up and he only managed a couple of hours of sleep since his arrival.
Why the hell did she have to be so fucking sexy?
He reached between his legs and tried to adjust his jeans and then the towel she was wearing slipped down.
“Fuck,” he hissed. He’d been right, those butterflies did go all the way down her spine. His cock jerked against the back of his zipper and he hissed again. He wanted her, on her back with her legs spread open, beckoning to come to her.
Lassiter wanted to lose himself in her. He’d bet a month’s pay that her skin was smooth and soft as satin. He no longer wanted to brush her hair. He wanted to kneel behind her, place wet kisses down the side of her neck and cover her full breasts with his hands.
Dammit, she didn’t have her blinds closed. Any asshole could look into her window. It wasn’t safe and it was playing hell with his body. If he couldn’t concentrate how the hell was he supposed to protect her.
He flipped open his cell and pressed five. Jack, his partner answered on the second ring.
“What’s up Lass?”
“Tell Jody to put some damn clothes on and close her blinds.” He closed his eyes when Jack chuckled from inside the house.
“IS she putting on a little show?”
“Don’t be an asshole, she isn’t like that.” Sometimes Jack was a jerk but he was one of the best security guys around.
“Maybe I should have been the one sitting out there. I could have gotten a peak.”
“Don’t even fucking think about it. Jody is off limits. Understand?”
“Yeah, anything else?”
“No.” He hung up and sat back waiting.
He watched as Jody looked toward her bedroom door and then looked over her shoulder, directly at the S.U.V Lassiter was occupying.
She reached to a small table on her left and took the robe off it. She put in on and stood. The towel fell to the floor. She looked even hotter in her robe. The thin, white material clung to her body.
She turned and walked to the window, her phone up to her ear.
He answered the second his cell rang.
“Are you a peeping Tom as well as my jailer?” she asked.
“Your blinds are open. Do you know how easy it is for someone to take a shot at you?”
“Nothing is going to happen to me. The prosecutor expects Sam to cut a deal and leave me out of it entirely.”
“Until that happens you have to take the precautions I’ve laid out for you. Walking around half naked in your bedroom is not being cautious.” His voice had risen and he sounded a lot harsher than he meant to.
“What’s wrong Lassiter, you sound frustrated.” Her tone was sultry as she stared at him from behind the glass.
“No, I’m good. But you have to cooperate. I won’t allow anything to happen to you but you have to do what I tell you.”
“You’re pretty damn grumpy tonight. Maybe you need a drink.” She laughed softly.
The last thing he needed was booze. The only thing that would alleviate any of the pressure and concern over Jody was if he was buried deep between her thighs.
“Jody…” He started then stopped as she slowly moved her fingers along the skin of her chest where the robe didn’t cover.
“What Lassiter? If you have something to say then spit it out.” She brushed one hand across the front of her breast. Her nipple hardened right before his eyes.
“What do you think you’re doing?” He wanted her to stop teasing him.
She quirked an eyebrow and moved her hand inside her robe, touching herself.
“Jody…you don’t want to go there with me.” He warned her. Lassiter wasn’t a romantic kind of man. He didn’t have nice, boring vanilla sex. His hungers were darker, deeper than most. He liked to be in control when it came to seduction. Jody was playing a dangerous game and needed to learn a lesson about what happens when you play with the big dogs.
“You really need to lighten up.”
“Open your robe.” He demanded.
“Wha…what?” Her breathe hitched, causing him to smile.
“I said open your robe. Don’t make me repeat myself.”
Hesitation was written all over her face and Lassiter thought for sure she would shut the blinds and go to bed.
He wasn’t prepared when she pulled the belt loose and let the robe fall open.
“Holy fuck, you’re beautiful,” he whispered. “Open it more. I want to see all of you.”
“I never imagined you were a chubby chaser.” Her self-doubt was peeking through and that was something Lassiter wouldn’t allow.
“Jody, when I say you’re beautiful I mean it and yeah, I like my women thick and curvy. Now open the damn thing.”
Thoughts of her closing the blinds and effectively shutting him out fled as she pushed her robe open further.


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