Why Traditional & Convention annoy me.

I wish men could take a pill so they would understand the upheaval our hormones cause in our body tens days out of the month.

Earlier today I was fucking annoyed. If I drank, it would be a pitcher of margarita’s kind of night but I don’t drink so that isn’t an option. Instead I’m going to be a little bitchy. Please know that this isn’t meant for any one particular person, or region or anything like that. This is about personal esthetics when it comes to life.

I was looking through a home decor magazine and I found myself repulsed by the traditional decor. The only thing I can think about when I see walls of anything cream, eggshell, or an other washed out, homogenized color. Unoffensive, uninspired and so fucking boring I know that if I sat a a room like that I’d be asleep in five minutes.  Dainty little touches everywhere that scream I’m a good girl, see how pretty and feminine I can be.

Bland furniture when you have even blander walls. Why not mix it up a little. If you like your walls then how about you add some color with it and no leather furniture doesn’t count. Some funky paintings on the wall- not the flowery, outdoor, and angels that blend in. Interesting lamps and interesting shades.

I mean it was bland, on bland on bland. A perfect mix of boring and keep someone wondering just how traditional you are. I have an author’s twisted brain and I started laughing as I wondered if the owners of that room had a sex life that was as boring as those pictures. I imagine kink is probably out and I imagine it’s pretty quiet beyond a few little grunts and groans. I can’t imagine there being any real dirty talk, or be able to tell the other what they want without worrying about rejection. Were there only 2 positions and on a good day maybe a third option but nothing tooo far from nice.

All I could think of to say was- THAT MUST SUCK! and then I’m grateful that I won’t ever fall into that label, in fact my life is the complete opposite in every way. In the end though I shrugged and thought “Whatever makes you happy.” Because if you’re living the traditional role, it’s because you want to and if it makes you happy that’s great.

And then I thought…..” I’m living exactly the way I want. I don’t care what my peers have to say. I don’t feel the need to keep up with the Jone’s, in some kind of cul-de-sac competition. I’m not faking it until I make it. Once again my bad mood lifted and I was grateful for my life, all because of a series of glossy photos  in a magazine .


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