Humidity SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Again I deleted my original post. I really have to stop writing them when I wake up in the morning. There are things I’d much rather do bright and early to relieve my grumpy mood….lol…

I let the dogs outside and wanted to choke. It’s so fucking humid here this morning. The absolute worst it’s been all spring and summer. I know that when the humidity gets over 60 % percent it starts feeling yucky. In the 70 percentile its fucking oppressive. I don’t know how anyone could live in Florida all the freaking time….especially during the summer. And the mosquito population is insane along the southeastern states with all the standing water and heat. The perfect breeding ground for the blood suckers. I can’t imagine being surrounded by all the sun, greenery and beaches and not be able to enjoy them.

I can’t even sit outside this morning because the air is so heavy and saturated with water.  It’s fucking miserable and I’m happy it’s not like this very often. I could never get used to it. It wears you out just being outside….UGH….and it doesn’t help if you have arthritis in any part of your body. Days like this make you retain water and your tissues become inflamed…Pain…pain..and more pain…FUCK THAT…

So I have to stay inside today, at home and at my store and I’m not really happy about it…But thankfully the majority of days aren’t like this. But I promise you this, I would rather deal with the cold and snow than the miserable heat and humidity any day. It’s much easier to get warm than to fight the heat and air so thick you feel sticky all over and it’s harder to breathe.

Yep, I like living in the mitten, just not today!!!!!!!


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