My babies are coming home!!!

thThe twins have been at Fine arts Camps for 12 days. 12 days of no cells, tablet, or laptops. They play music all day long. They see performances by adult artists.

adler-1356-short-reach-bassoonMy daughter plays this andth8and now this


Her twin  brother plays these th10

The bassoon is my girl’s main instrument and the trumpet and sax are for marching band. I love this camp. It’s beautiful and set back in the woods.

th 6th 1th 312993394-standardThey get to spend time from kids all over the world. And they all share a love of music. They can minor in something like theater etc…if they choose. Every time we go to pick them up, they always seem older. I was most concerned about my son who had major reconstructive surgery on his left foot. Besides getting pieces of bone move from each toe and his heel which are now pinned. His Achilles tendon was sliced from top to bottom in order to lengthen it. He didn’t walk for 3 months and still has pain in that tendon. He has to get the right foot done this fall/winter and hopefully that will alleviate future issues when he’s older.

This might end up being their last year coming back here. The marching band is planning to go to Disney next year for their program.It will be a great experience for them to work with Disney composers, musicians and conductors. A once in a life time experience. Five days of fun in the sun and I won’t be able to chaperone. I have a store to run and I can’t afford to take the week off but I’m happy for them. The DH may go- I’ve encouraged it….lol

So tomorrow I’ll be able to hug them and tell them I love them. I’m not anywhere near ready for them to graduate and go to college. 3 yrs goes by quickly when they’re teenagers. Mine have become funny and they’re so fucking smart. I can have real conversations with my kids and I love hearing what they think of things. I’m a lucky mom. My oldest who has worked since he was 16 has avoided most of the temptations that teens face. He doesn’t give a shit if someone makes fun of him for not getting drunk or high. His friends have given him sit for not drinking or smoking. He doesn’t give a shit what they think. And he’d tell anyone off who annoyed him too much over it.

How we managed to raise such awesome kiddos is beyond me. They still tell me they love me when we get ready to hang up the phone. They always ask how my day was and that they missed me not being at home. They still lay on my arm when we watch television.

Yes I have drama but nothing out of the ordinary for 3 teenagers. thank God. I’ve known parents who had kids fighting from 5 and 6 well into their 20’s.

Again, I’m lucky. Though I have only 3 yrs a lot can happen and it’s my hope that the twins will continue on the path they’re on.

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