Yes, your kids can touch the books!

11752426_10204385378541610_3644705833038448897_n When I bought the store one of the things I wanted to bring back was the children’s sections. There was only a small one here. After a few months, I was able to expand the little kids, older kids, and YA sections.

I set up some table and chairs near the little kids books and put buckets of them on the table. I want your kids to look and touch the books. I want them to open them up and maybe find something that will spark their interest in reading.

I’m bummed that my kids aren’t bigger readers. I did everything from reading to them from before birth to library programs and anything that I thought might get them going. Two of them gravitated to music and the other to welding.

What I’ve noticed happening in the store is that customers will bring their kids but tell them to not touch the kids books. I usually tell the mom quietly that the kids can indeed look through the books.

Unless the kid is so loud and obnoxious and doesn’t care how they treat things, then I have no issue. In fact I encourage it. I do understand that parents can be strict about what happens when you go into a store and I respect that. But please don’t feel that you have to keep your kids from touching the books because they are curious.  I welcome that curiosity because I think it’s sad that kids aren’t encouraged to read as much as they can and love it.

When I purchased my store a couple of things happen. The first was that my 2 of my 3 competitors closed up shop. The 3rd competitor is actually higher in price. Though their store is twice as large as mine, I can keep my costs lower and thus the prices follow. The next thing I wanted is for it to be a relaxing, friendly and helpful atmosphere. We have several chairs around the store for customers to use as they will.

We can order any book in print and have several customers we do that for every month. The used books int he store are in fabulous shape. We know a lot of customers by name and I’m getting new ones everyday. This has been more fun and really doesn’t feel like work.

Myself and my staff are well-read and have turned on customers to new  authors all of the time. Unlike the B&N stores I can get self-pubbed authors in all the time. I can choose to carry their books as well and I do.

I never want another mother who comes into my store with their autistic child and apologize for some of their behavior. While I’m blessed my children aren’t , I do recognize it. Please don’t apologize. I love kids….well not the bratty , the world revolves around me kind of kids_Good Parenting ..ya know….lol. But generally i enjoy all kids.

These are reasons why, if you come into my store that your child can sit at the table and look through as many books as they like. They can ask a million questions _ I don’t mind. They can laugh and giggle and do what little ones do.



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