Clear Karma

I think I’ve restored the balance in my world and cleaned up the bad Karma I had in my life. I’m not talking about other people here. I’m talking about my actions in my world that caused it to become a clouded, painful mess. I’ve learned to let go of it all. I’m responsible for myself and my actions and don’t feel it’s necessary to lay them at the feet of others. At least not anymore.

Each week that has unfolded this year has given me the chance to let it go, let it go, let it go. Laying down the bricks I’d heaped on my shoulder. I don’t have the need to explain my misery anymore, and not bore other people with how I’m misunderstood.

My pay off has been my writing. Suddenly the flood gates have been thrown open and I’m writing daily again. I may hate half of it but I’m doing the work. I’ve had enough of the writers block and the holding pattern I put myself in for the last few years.

I have a lot of stuff to finish and even more that I’ve been plotting out. I couldn’t be more grateful for getting off my pity pedestal and start doing what needs to be done.

I found out one of the authors who is signing at my store next week actually lives about ten minutes from me. H.A Fortman is a blast. She came into the store to drop off some promo items and we talked for quite awhile. I liked her immediately. She’s funny, bold and brash and she wants to hang out at book club with everyone else.

I also will be starting a monthly authors group and look forward to it.

Here’s another look at my yummy cover…still waiting on a release date but it will be sooner rather than later đŸ™‚



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