Your opinion matters!

Last night was book club. We read the fabulous S.E.Smith’s Gracie’s Touch. All the girls enjoyed the book and I was happy to have picked a self-pubbed author, who happens to be very popular.

H.A.Fortman another self published author who will be signing in my store next Saturday came last night. She is so much fun and the girls loved her. Bringing the book club back has been soooo much fun. There are 8 of us now and we have a blast.

I like the book club to be relaxed. Everyone’s opinion matters even if we disagree. I think it’s horrible when you try to suppress someone Else’s view on things. When you can’t at least listen to someone’s views, and try to effectively shut them down you are missing out on so much. People look at things through their life experiences and they are always different from yours. Trying to FORCE others to your side is selfish. Dismissing their feelings can back fire. People don’t like to feel that their views are stupid.

I’ve always encouraged others to have their own opinions about everything.I don’t want to be surrounded by a “yes man/woman” I want to hear your thoughts. It could change my perspective on a subject. We could agree to disagree but its beyond disrespectful to discount what others think. You don’t have to change your mind but you don’t have the right to poo-poo others. You don’t have the right to belittle others even if you don’t agree with them.

I’m happy that the book club has room for everyone and their views.

On another note. It’s been so fucking hot and humid the past two days. In the low 90’s and the humidity is above 60% and it’s miserable to a lot of people. I know that my hips have been hurting everyday and if I don’t keep moving I end up getting really stiff and the pain increases.

I WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO DEAL WITH THIS FOR ANY PROLONGED PERIOD OF TIME. I get why seniors can take it. They tend to be cold most of the time due to circulation and other factors that happen as you age.

I didn’t want to complain about the weather but this is beyond oppressive. It sucks because you end up being shut in the house to get relief. I HATE SHUTTING UP MY HOUSE. I would cook out o n the grill everyday during the summer but in this kind of weather you just can’t and that’s bummer me out a little.

About the only thing this weather has helped with are my vegetables which are growing like mad. Homemade salsa and spaghetti sauce are on their way and hopefully I’ll be able to have enough to can for this winter. Next year I’m definitely making it bigger to include spinach, lettuce, more onions, green beans and I may venture into pumpkins- Home made pumpkin pies- YUMMY.

I love my little garden. There is nothing better than to watch a seed, germinate and grow into a plant. Yes, I do talk to my plants. I enjoy the weeding and getting my hands dirty. I like that my hands have helped something to grow big and strong. It reminds me of the garden my granny always had-although hers was much larger. I loved spending time picking with her. Sitting on the porch, snapping beans and shucking corn. It is relaxing, looks beautiful and reminds me how awesome nature is.

So next year the DH will build me a couple of more garden boxes so that I can expand my variety of veggies. You can can and freeze so many of them. I’m also going to hit up the apple orchard this fall and go about making apple sauce and apple butter to have for the winter. We get so caught up in the fast paced world we live in that a lot of people have forgotten the very simple things that make life fun.

Again I’ve made my world as simple as possible and it’s working beautifully.



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