New Erotica

I’m almost finished with a short erotica story. This is a hot sex-fest, where two people meet and have such chemistry they come together and raise the temperature in every place they find themselves. This isn’t a love story, though there is room for that down the road.

I prefer to think of this story the prequel to a serious romance. But this isn’t about love. It’s about that connection we’ve all felt at one time or another. It goes beyond getting naked and having a little hot sex. It’s A LOT of hot sex with many, many orgasms and lots of aches, moans, kissing, pumping, licking, and penetrating.

Written to tease and to tantalize and hopefully drive you a little nuts to the point that when your partner walks through the door, you attack them.

These shorts are fun to write, especially when you’ve experienced this type of chemistry and want to read about others who have it. I should be through in about a week or so and will have it up on Amazon for .99 cents.

Here’s the cover for the new little series I’m calling Curvy Shorts.

Book 1 is Burn…It’s pretty simple but I love it.




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