Come Undone


I was talking with a fellow writer today about the Curvy Shorts Series that I’m doing. The first one, Burn, should be done this week. When I told her I wanted to do the purely Erotica stories she thought it was a great idea.

Since the running theme in these stories isn’t about love – it’s about chemistry – I wanted to get her opinion on the direction the story has gone. It’s kind of hard to leave out any sort of feelings and I decided not to. No, love is still not the end game to these stories, but as a romance writer, I have to leave the possibility there- no matter how far off in the distance that may be. The stories will end with the knowledge that it’s entirely possible for the people I write about to continue.

Then what is the point beyond writing sex scenes for nothing more than titillation. I still wanted to find something just a little more.

This made me think of the song Come Undone by my favorite band Duran Duran. By coming undone, I’m not referring to the woman getting her world rocked ( though of course she always does) I wanted to show what happens when a man comes undone during and after the most combustible sex he’s ever had. If you have been there then you know that it pretty much freaks most men out even if they’re in a relationship but imagine it with someone they aren’t in one with.

When a man has been physically and emotionally put through the ringer they don’t know how to deal with the vulnerability they are feeling at the moment. The idea of losing control of your body and emotions are over-whelming to a lot of men, who aren’t “supposed” to ever feel that way.  Especially if they’ve usually been happy to get a ten minute micro session, a couple of times a week.

The reactions vary from anger to sulky, to finding a way out as soon as possible. Often opting for the safe, boring route. I get it. I mean who wants to allow someone else to have the power to take you places you’ve only ever read about and what the hell do you do with it once you get there? I’ve known plenty of people like this who walk away, unable to deal with being stripped down to nothing and then instead of enjoying these rare things, they get the fuck out of dodge.

But what if after their initial fear they leave open all the possibilities of the scary fucking unknown?

What I hope comes across is not only an incredibly hot read, where almost anything can happen and where HER pleasure is always priority, my male protagonists will get hooked on what she does to him, how she makes him feel – powerful, wanted, needed and his lover pulls out of him everything he needs and nothing he thinks he wants.

Sex is easy. Yes, it is….but it’s so much more. You can’t be taught, you either have it or you don’t. The connection is either there or it isn’t. Where there is nothing legal off limits….lol. Where there is no rejection and no fear of rejection for your fantasy’s and kinks.

There is nothing demeaning because both parties want the same things and it takes a pretty strong personality not to allow convention to dictate what is acceptable and what isn’t. I promised myself I wouldn’t ever again deny what makes me who I am and why I like what I like.

Hopefully that kind of raw grit and desire can come across on the page. Again these aren’t romances, but they are the flames that threaten to Burn each and every one who is brave enough to dance in the fire.


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