Finding the Good even during a Full Moon!

Make no mistake, this sun worshiping, fire sign Lioness and Lady Moon do not have a good relationship. Wolves howl at the full moon and I just wanna hiss at it.

Bad moods and full moons affect a lot of people. I’m not sure why….maybe it’s the changing tides, an energy flow issue…who the hell knows.

What I do know is that last night after the bitch was high in the sky, ( I didn’t realize it was going to be full) I started thinking – not about the daily stuff but about other things – and I was yet again tempted to release a verbal bitch fest on here.

I started it full of self- righteous indignation, ready to impart my thoughts on things. I was halfway through when I got up to do some things around the house. I go outside for a minute to let the dogs out and BAM! There it is, shining bright and I just smiled, came back in and hit delete on my original post.

I know I write a lot about these moments but they are big moments for me. Every time I don’t give in to my impulse to go on a rant is a win and it gets easier and easier as time passes.

There are certain facts I can’t change and have accepted. Not because I want to but because that is the way it is.I won’t ever give my power over to anything ever again.

I can do this with a smile, a little humor and because I don’t want to ruin the direction my life is going. I want to continue to have gratitude and appreciation for all I’ve been given.

Having a sense of who you are, liking the person you are, being kind to everyone without expecting anything back, letting go of the negative, excising the toxic things that can suck the wind out of you is priceless. No amount of money or fame can give you this kind of feeling and when the good days far out weigh the bad, you know your headed in the right direction.


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