Best Friends Forever!!!

            Those endless memes that talk about friends and how with real friends no matter how much time has passed, you can pick right up where you left off. Last night for the second time this year I had the chance to do just that.

My old partner in crime Jnut (as we call her) and her family moved across the country from Nevada to Michigan. Home – we’ve always told her. Our groups other wayward friend came in from San Diego for the second time in about 20 yrs.

We all met up at another friends house last night for a barbecue and bonfire. It was so much damn fun. And it truly felt like we’d all hadn’t been apart for 20 yrs. We’ve been friends since we were teenagers and have gone through heartbreak, marriages, divorces, addiction, moves, children. We’ve seen each other at our very best and at our very worst. At our age there are no judgements, no petty jealousies, no trying to “out do” each other none of that childish stuff that some adults do to boost their own ego’s.

We genuinely enjoy each others company and spend more time laughing and telling each other how wonderful it is to be together. How special our ‘family” is, because we are a family. I wouldn’t trade my life for a million bucks. My family, my truest friends who are also family. It is an awesome thing to have the kind of connection we have. Always welcoming anyone who wants to join and celebrating our time together. I woke up this morning completely exhausted and wanted to go back to sleep and I didn’t even drink the Rumchadda or the coconut stuff. But I don’t drink – it’s a personal choice and my friends have no issues with it. Another true sign of BFF’s. They respect me and I respect them.

I love you all very much……and the years will never change that….ever…

And to top off my awesome evening. The wonderful Trinity Blacio sent flowers to the store today.

Thank you Trinity for such a thoughtful and sweet gift……

20150731_194400KG in from San Diego at my friends home in Grass Lake. A lovely place on 2 acres…It feels like going up north here in Michigan. Which by the way is the best place to be in the summer.

20150801_101647My lovely flowers that were delivered this morning from Trinity Blacio for hosting the signing. Thank you Trinity, they’re beautiful.

I hope you weekend will be as awsome as mine has been!!!!!!!!!!


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