The King of Fiction

As a writer I’m constantly looking for tidbits of advice from other authors. By far my favorite list of advice has come from Stephen King. The master of horror, weird, odd and all things twisted and scary.

He is prolific, but even that description doesn’t really explain just HOW prolific he is. If you’re a writer than you will totally understand not only how but why he came up with the story Carrie. Reading that passage from his book – Stephen King on writing, a Memoir of the Craft- I could see the minute the light bulb went off. It was one of the coolest things I’ve read in a while.

I’d read little bits of this book on writing, online whenever I did research on writer’s block. The advice was great but I needed a little more. Something I can point to and read over and over again.

A lot of it is common sense stuff but when as writers do we employ much common sense. Imagine how boring stories would be then.

I’m half-way through and starting the chapter on your writing toolbox. I’m really enjoying his honesty and the part where he describes meeting and falling in love with his wife Tabitha. It was cool, they hung with the poets and made fun of them when they became uppity about their art…She brought out the best in him, supported his goal of writing and never wavered no matter what kind of job or place they had to live in. I LOVE stories like this. The absolute belief they had in each other, I found it amazing.

I’m hoping to finish it up tonight, it’s a short book – only about 285 pages…so its a fast read. I’ve always admired writers like Stephen King and others who deliver story after story to fans who can’t wait to get their hands on copies of new work by them.

If you’re an author who gets that dreaded block this book about writing might be for you. I highly recommend it.



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