I can’t make this stuff up!

f69da06b9056d4ba75b629b44871ee42   I swear the Universe has a fucking sick sense of humor. As my title says I can’t make this shit up. I wish I could, I’d be rich…lol…

I don’t use the names of people I know for my Hero and Heroine. I may have a secondary character named after one of them but that is for fun and a little piece of immortality for my friends.

Then there are certain names I never, ever would use. My kids of course, places, people whatever it is. I don’t use anyone’s last name either. There are names you want to forget – I think my list is getting long…

A couple of days ago I had to go to my brother’s new home to pick him up. When he gave me the address, I swear I snorted. I couldn’t fucking believe it and I looked up toward the sky and asked “Really?”

Now I get to spend holidays, barbeques, send birthday and Christmas cards to fucking M*****  St. I can’t fucking get away from the one or two names, I hoped to avoid.

This goes to show that it’s a good thing I’ve got a really good sense of humor and whenever I have to drive up that stupid street, I kind of have a little laugh to myself and silently tell the universe to fuck off.


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