Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday evening at 7:30 starts one of my favorite things about the summer ending and fall beginning – NFL FOOTBALL !!!

the lionsdetroit-lions-football-team-retro-logo-license-plate-art-design-turnpike173770-detroit-lions-quarterback-matthew-stafford-looks-for-his-receiver-duri






Yes, I know the pre-season doesn’t count for anything but that isn’t the point. I LOVE the sport. I love every single thing about it. The hard hits, the throws, the catches. I can’t get enough of it. I live 15 minutes from their practice facility and have been by there several times. Ford Field is an absolute awesome stadium and no matter where you sit you can see the game clearly.

My kids love to make fun of me during this time of year. They scatter when the games come on and if I get a little upset while watching it they love to say “Mom, it’s only football.” Yeah I get a little carried away when I watch games but I blame my daddy. We always watched football together (and on some Sundays still do) I was taught what the flags meant, what the plays meant and it stuck. I holler and cuss at the T.V. enough to rival any man watching anywhere.

It’s never mattered to me that they’ve been unable to win a play-off game in forever. I don’t care. I love football and I love my team. I am very loyal when it comes to things I love and football has been drilled into me since I was old enough to watch the game. I’ve trained my kids to leave mom be while the game is on. They don’t get it. They don’t understand why I love the Lions. I stopped explaining how I feel a long time ago.

I’m up to 4 new shirts and 1 official jersey- although I now swim in the jersey and use it to sleep in. It’s time for a new one. With my birthday coming up on Monday, Thursday night is when I’ll start celebrating it. It’s going to be a really fun weekend. I have plans everyday with book friends, my bestie and my kids. To top it all off I will be taking Monday off!!!!! My third day off since April 1rst. Although I hope I won’t end up being bored that day…lol….

Summer is coming to a close pretty quickly and there is so much to look forward to for the rest of this year. Tomorrow I will work open to close by myself and by the time I get home the game should be starting and I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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