Birthday weekend day 3

        Last night, I went to dinner with some of the most awesome and interesting women I know. Smart, funny, sweet and very independent. They’ve always been my biggest cheerleaders in my writing and my life. We all bonded over our love of books and some of us have known each other close to 10 years.

20150815_204252This is Kathy and Kayla. We all have birthdays this week, in fact Little Miss Kayla’s is the same day as mine.

Brenda one of the original book club members when the previous owner started them. She’s an awesome person. Smart as fuck and funny. H.A. Fortman has joined our book club after I had her at my store for a book signing. She’s an awesome writer and her first two books have done really well. She’s serving as an inspiration with her excitement and enthusiasm for writing.

It was a wonderful evening filled with food and laughter. More than one head in the restaurant turned toward our group of 10 during the 3 hours we were there. It was a good day and anytime you can say that more than not, you’re doing something right.

Thank you ladies for a fabulous time.



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