Back to the Music

    When my favorite band released their first new song, I must admit it made me chuckle. So often songs can echo emotions, dreams and longing. Love, hate and everything that falls between. Music has always been good to me. I think of most of my ideas while listening.

The Longfellows first hero was born when I saw the video for Simple Kind of Man, covered by Shinedown. Each member of the band was used in the band that Magnus Crowe fronted. Silas looks like the old guitar player from Shinedown. The other two members had dreads and they are described like that in the first Longfellow book.

The good news is that I’ve dusted off the six Longfellow books that I managed to write the first chapter to each and am taking a look through them. Why you may ask? Because it’s wayyyyyy past time for these stories to be completed and see the light of day.

I may have missed seeing them this year but in the end it is totally worth it to get me back to that space where the ideas flowed as well as the words. I’m going to finish up my sweet little 10k story for the charity antho. I have to finish up a Curvy Short Novella and then I can work on Silas and Eden’s story. I’m so freaking excited about getting these works up and going and actually finishing them. Another thing to be thankful for. It just goes to show that for every knife to the back there is always a silver lining and a sweet sense of freedom. I have so many people to thank for giving me this gift.

   It’s taken a few years to be able to find peace within myself. I’ve learned it’s better to let it slide then take it to personally. It is what it is and I’m good with that.

Now back to the music…Okay have to show the hotter than hot Bret Smith and the band and lately I’ve really gotten into Seether and Five Finger Death Punch. Perfect music for Paranormal/ Urban fantasy books.


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