Learning to like yourself…..

   After enjoying my wonderful week of celebration, laughter and feeling good has come to a complete halt today. Hormones, memories you know?

   On the way to work, I tossed in one of my favorite cd – Amaryllis by Shinedown. I love every song from it. It usually picks up my spirit and I get to sing really loud along with them.

I was going to talk about learning to love who you really are. Not the face you show everyone else but the real you, flaws and all.

When I went nline to find the First Shinedown song, I forgot about what I was going to write and instead put up some of their performance in Phily. I attended the concert that year but in Detroit. I forgot just how awesome Brent and the gang play live. No auto tune with these boys. I’m old school and if you don’t play your own instruments, write your own songs, your not a musician. You’re a singer, no more no less.

Instead of a post that even I didn’t like, I’m giving you a little taste of the Hotter then Hell Brent Smith ( He’s makes my heart pitter-patter like a 16 yr old girl) doing his thing and the rest of the band rocking it out.

Yes….this one makes me swoon……….A reminder that some things will never change, not with time but hopefully with old age…lol

Here’s some more –

Then I found this GEM of them performing in 2003 –  There is no doubt that Brent has one of the best voices around…..

This acoustic show is awesome-


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