The 80’s

The music is the 80’s was such a transition from the disco era. We were influenced by the Sex Pistols and the Clash. We had boy bands like my FAVORITE Duran Duran. You know the kind of boy bands that play their own instruments and wrote their own songs.

People who grew up in the early 80’s can recite The Breakfast Club and Purple Rain at Drive-in theaters. We saw Madonna emerge as a twenty something out to take over the world. It’s were my love for concerts was born. We watched Bob Geldolf bring about Live Aid from 4:00 in the morning in Australia to England and then the United States (If you don’t know who Bob Geldolf is then I suggest you look up the Boomtown Rats or watch A Clockwork Orange. We shaved our head, got piercings and tattoos when they were out of fashion and looked down upon.

I went to clubs downtown Detroit like the City Club and Todd’s. Frankie says Relax don’t do it….was embossed on T-Shirts and worn with pride.We were the last generation to grow up during the cold war and the last to fear about getting the BOMB dropped on us by Russia. We were grounded for being mouthy and if we pushed our parents to hard- we just might get a slap. Unlike the kids today, we would never call the police because we got our ass spanked. If we had the police would have laughed and told us to behave.

We went to the record store two or three days a week and would wait in line to get a new album. Yes…there used to be tons of record stores- Harmony House and Banana records were two popular ones here. We listened to music on a turntable. I still have my record collection from then and have no desire to get rid of them.

U2 was just breaking out and we loved Sunday Bloody Sunday. MTV was born and only played videos. None of the other reality bullshit that on there now.

We recorded mix tapes from the radio. You could go to a concert at Cobo Hall for 15 bucks. We witnessed the birth of AIDS and most of us knew someone who had it and  a lost of those we knew died from this tragic disease. Crack was introduced and another thing to be addicted to was born.

The adults were greedy and money loving and the disparity between the have and have nots started to grow bigger. Iconic stars were born – the most notable being Tom Cruise. We saw Rocky Horror Picture Show every Friday night.

Our parents would throw us out of the house and tell us to find something to do. We could walk anywhere and did. Our parents weren’t driving us to a friends house ten minutes away. We could be out at night and not have to worry.

These are just some of the things we had during the 80’s. I’m sad for 90’s kids and younger who didn’t gt to experience half of what we did.

Kids no longer talk on the telephone (we used to talk to our friends for hours) They can’t write a decent letter and forget about learning cursive and making it stick. They never get up to change a channel. They’re glued to video games, pc, tablets and texting.

Even as I write this I say “Fuck” when did I get old? Why do I sound like my mom? And finally I “fuck that.” I really don’t want to be that kind of mom.

Here’s a few of my favorite videos/songs from my youth-

Before there was -” Don’t you forget about Me”, there was “Waterfront”

Before Adam Lambert performed this on Idol, I got to see Tears for Fears in 84- up front where people were passing out like crazy. One of the best times I’ve ever had. Sorry Adam I’m a purist at heart.

Amy Mann, proof you don’t have to be boring to be beautiful.

Who hasn’t listened to this over and over while nursing a broken heart. Whether it’s your first break up or you’re last…this definitely an 80’s kids go to song.

The song is old but the performance is from last year. The bad boy from England with a snarl and his fist in the air – Billy Idol. Okay everyone of my friends and I thought Billy was it. Everything about him was awesome to look at. He was about the most perfect hottie of our time. Well into his 50’s, he is still hot, tight and sounds good. Sorry if you were around to appreciate him you can never understand.



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