Learning to Like Yourself- Part 2

Snapshot_20150826_3Why am I suddenly taking pics of myself and posting? I’ve never been happy about the way I look. I see every flaw, every line, and found whatever else was wrong with me.

When you grow up as an overweight kid you’re told everyday that you’re fat and ugly. Eventually you come to really believe it. The bigger I got, the worse it became. I didn’t have a boyfriend in high school. Yeah I kissed a few but it never went beyond that.

It didn’t matter that I met my husband and he was crazy for me. First , I couldn’t accept that as true and second I thought he needs glasses because I’m not seeing what he’s seeing.

Self-worth is one of the most important things we have. When you don’t believe in yourself, when you nit-pick every little thing, you’re sense of self takes a dive.

I was called a whore and worthless 1 time in my life and it hurt, hurt more than ever being called stupid, ugly, fat, crazy, a bitch…That one small comment made me realize I had to change things in my life. I had to forgive myself and others. I still do. It’s true that you can forgive but never forget. To solve this problem I forgive. Sometimes everyday, sometimes the same people but making myself crazy only ever hurt me.

It’s sometimes a struggle to not be critical about myself or others. I realized that we’re not immortal and ultimately when I’m at my end I don’t want to go with hate in my heart. Real beauty comes from within and I haven’t had that in a long time. So I forgive.

I hate taking pictures…detest it…would do anything not to be in one but in I’ve stopped doing that and have started posting pics even if I want to burn them. So good or bad I always try to find something I like about myself. It doesn’t have to be physical, it can be how you think about things, how you treat others, etc…

So I take these and it forces me to be positive about who I am. And really isn’t it all about learning to love who you really are flaws and all.


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