Another freaking full moon

Tonight was my kids high schools first football game. My twins are in the band and all the kids have worked their butts off for the past month. One week they went 9-9 for 7 days straight.

I was excited about their show titled “Midnight in Transylvania”  The band goes out onto the field and I hear “See that big kid on the end, he was so hard to fit.” Directly behind me. Hey I get it, my kid is 6’3″ and yeah he’s big and barrel chested but there was something about hearing another mother say that in a tone that wasn’t just conversational.

Of course the “Mama Bear” came out and I turned and said “That’s my son you’re talking about.” She was pretty flabbergasted and then made the comment that he was the last one to get fitted. I promptly informed her that he’s been early to practices so that he could get fitted.

I haven’t been able to help the band like I did last year. Work takes up the majority of my time.

This time last year I would have reacted to her and it wouldn’t have been pretty. I can verbally dress down someone like a boss but I didn’t. I just turned around and let it be. Minutes later she apologized for offending me ( I wasn’t offended I was pissed.)

Parents like this make me wanna bitch slap them into tomorrow. The cliques have always annoyed me and for whatever reason sports and band parents can be among the worst. Don’t get me wrong. Parents should believe in their kids but they shouldn’t be so fucking obnoxious about it.

I get that some parents live through their kids. Wanting them to fulfill something that is missing in their little world. But to be so fucking rude as to not even bothering to keep your voice down when you’re saying  shit about another kid is so unacceptable. This stuff is about and for the kids. Not how hard you work for them…period.

If you’re one of THOSE parents, do the rest of us a favor and shut the fuck up. We had the same issues with baseball, which is huge in my little town. Only this time it wasn’t only the parents but the coaches. They draft players here and it’s so backwards that “talent” isn’t spread around. A few select teams have the most experienced and better players. Normally I don’t care about this. Most of the kids play for fun, it’s the parents who suck all the joy out of just playing.

The utter arrogance is hard to tolerate and shame on anyone who takes the joy out of kids and their activities, they should be banned. You should feel stupid for acting like an ass at their games. If you look down upon anyone around even though you’re all equal.

Tonight I knocked down another obstacle on my journey and that was, I didn’t over react to the situation. I think she was embarrassed enough at being caught saying shit about a kid. My boy only turned 15 two months ago and he can’t help it that he’s so damn tall. Both my boys are tall and they aren’t scrawny kids either.

I think most parents are smart enough not to act like that but there’s always the little clique. They sit together and bad mouth other parents and the kids themselves. Again making themselves feel important.

Have pride in what you do, have pride in your kids but for the love of all that’s good – DON’T BE THAT KIND OF PERSON.

I managed to make my point without saying anything other than she was talking about my son. I saw the looks being furiously exchanged between those “moms” but in the end I don’t give a damn what people think or say about me. I just have to make sure that I don’t come down to their level and say anything unkind to them and in the end I do feel kind of bad for them. All I can think is “What are they going to do when the kids go off to college?”

I know I always will be there to support my babies in any way I can. Having said that I also know that if I didn’t have the store I’d be kind of lost when they enter college.

Do the world a favor and get your own life and don’t step on other parents because you’re trying to live your life through your kids. You had your chance already, your time has passed.


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