Something different

I decided to start writing a fun little (Things I love, Things I hate list.) This is for fun and about the little things. Because it’s always the little things that stick with you.

Things I Hate- although hate is kind of a strong word.

  1. People who go shopping on Saturday and then bitch about how long the line is. Really, you wonder why? Besides weekends are meant to relax, not flit from place to place where you can’t relax. No thanks!!!! I usually work 7 days a week so any down time I can get I take it.
  2. Boredom. Boredom is not my friend. When I’m bored I start to think and it’s rarely good thoughts. It’s the woulda, coulda, shoulda shit.
  3. Men in sandals. Sorry, but I’m NOT a foot person. I personally don’t like men in flip-flops or any other kind of footwear that shoes their feet. Just a personal preference…lol
  4. Discovering long after you’ve shaved that you missed a strip.
  5. Bad, haunting dreams. The kind that kill your mood for the day..

Okay onto the things I love.

  1. The greeting I get from Jake & Tanner (my dogs)  when I get home from work. It’s pure joy, with whining and a little jumping and lots of licks.
  2. I LOVE that my kids are into music. They all play a variety of instruments and they appreciate classical as well as contemporary music.
  3. I love going to the high school football games. My kids go to my old school and it’s fun to go to my old stomping grounds. Running into old friends and seeing the same people every week who come out to support the team and the band.
  4. Living in my small community. I’m surrounded by tons of cities and we’re not in the boondocks but it still has a small town feel. You end up knowing a lot of people. From the guy who owns the gas station to the mayor. While we are certainly a blue collar town, most of us live good, simple lives.
  5. My new fitbit. The only person I trying to improve is myself.

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