Healthy- Part 1

This isn’t written as advice.This is my experience and what I’ve learned from them.  I’m also going to be writing about the last tens yrs of my life. Names and places to protect the innocent…lol…

Whether it sells or not isn’t important. My therapist used to tell me all the time to write it. So write it I am.

You can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mind and heart. It all goes hand in hand and if the heart and mind aren’t satisfied it will show up, even among the “healthiest” workout – diet crazed people out there.

You’re spirit finds a way to release the unhappiness and a lot of times its in a physical way. Stress, unhappiness greatly impact your immune system. Thus I’ve found when my H/M felt broken I had a ton of health problems to go along with it. I’ve known some folks who are constantly sick, first it’s allergies. Their sniffles and coughs and watery eyes take longer to go away. When one physical ailment stops another one follows after. They usually get the flu. They may be clumsy and fall and hurt themselves. Your bouts with joint pain get worse and your lower back (where you carry a lot of stress)will hurt.

How am I coping and trying to keep my H/M in balance? Simple, first is I don’t do things that won’t make me happy. I’m not talking about little annoying stuff, but any kind of long-term shit. I only do it if it makes me happy.

I’ve tried to get right with those I’ve wronged in some way. Some will forgive, you others will not. There’s nothing you can do about it, that’s on them. You will be tempted to try to pull forgiveness and validation. Don’t, it might be struggle. It’s one I fight every single fucking day and sometimes it’s just exhausting.

You are under the thumb of another. Why? because people in general don’t see inequalities in relationships whether personal or professional. You don’t even know who you are anymore. You’re merely a puppet for the one holding the strings.

You live life with something to prove. I used to ask myself why wasn’t I good enough for some things in life. You really have to change that one around because you don’t have to prove anything to anyone but yourself. If you’re providing proof of what you do and how you do it, that’s no way to live.

Critics, I used to listen to my critics. I took to everything they’ve had to say to heart. And I was plenty critical to others. When you give in even if you don’t agree, you’ve short-changed your heart and you will feel the effects.

I’ve experienced everything I’ve just written about. I have none of these things mastered 100%. No one could, we’re human and emotions are never easy ,especially the bad. Sometimes it’s a real struggle to keep looking forward and not into all the B.S that came before.

This is the path I’m taking to get healthy inside and out. It takes real thought and being able to gauge your moods.

Without a healthy heart and mind, you’ll never achieve physical health. Pay attention, if this is you or someone you care about, I can tell you it does get better. Some shit will never go away completely but it can be a small echo that pops into your head now and then. You feel it and then you move on.


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