Like/Hate Day

The things I hate.

1.When drivers get pissed over a funeral procession. Have a little reverence for the dead for crying out loud. In Virginian hills when my Granny died, cars pulled completely off the, including those on the other side of the divided highway until we all passed. We honor the dead and aren’t worried about being late for dinner if a procession goes by and we have to wait through the light.

2. I hate when I make snap judgements about things. One of the things I”m working on with the goal to just knock it the fuck off.

That’s about it right now…lol…I like when I have a very short list.

The things I love

  1. Owning my own business and doing what I really love.It never feels like work and I always look forward to coming into the store. I’m closed today and am cleaning and washing and changing sheets and all the other things I need to catch up on.
  2. I love that I will have every Monday off this month. There is plenty to do around the house to keep me busy.
  3. I love my fitbit.
  4. I love eating half a soft taco, 1/4 cup of beans, and lots of salsa – It’s the Breakfast of champions…lol
  5. I love the excitement for the new Star Wars movie coming this winter. If you’re my age then you can remember when it came out in 77. I saw it at the drive-in theater. My mom and her friends and about 12 little kids piled into a couple of cars. We played at the little playground they had there. Ate popcorn our parents had made at home and dumped into paper grocery bags. With the last 3 movies, while I did go see them all, I was less than impressed.

But when I saw the first trailer with Hans Solo and Chewy, and Hans saying  “Welcome Home.” I was thrown back into 1977. The special effects back then were considered a massive break-through in what could be done with a movie. The sound track that included songs not only from the beginning but the bug-eyed alien band in the movie. I think I might actually have yelped in delight.

When I was young I watched George Jetson, Lost in Space, Star Trek, the Adams family and the Monsters. Among my Saturday morning shows were Shazam, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, Land of the Lost!

We watched Iron Man and Godzilla, The Count (it’s a Detroit thing), Batman, Spiderman and yes I can still sing the theme songs to both. Wonder woman, Aquaman, the Bionic woman and the 6 million dollar man.

The Force Awakens has reminded me of everything that was awesome about my childhood. We were considered low-class but never discovered that until we went to high school. We loved our life, our friends and played for hours and hours. I’m grateful for the way I was brought up. It taught me what’s really important in life and I’m finally understanding those lessons ,maybe for the first time as an adult. It used to embarrass me when someone would ask where I grew up but not now and i never will again.


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