Like/hate day – The school addition

  The weather here in the Great Mitten state is awesome today. After 2 days of humidity up on the 80th percentile, we are back down in the 50’s. School started for us on Tuesday and as usual parents have lost their fucking mind.

Things that drive me nuts- The School Addition

1. School bus drivers – I live in a big school district and the buses are on a tight schedule but that still doesn’t give them the right to drive like they’re in an indy race. They pull out in front of you like it’s no big deal.

2. Dropping my kids off at school – Every morning it’s a test of my ability to deal with completely, self-absorbed asshole parents. These people speed throughout the campus, they don’t stop for the kids, they are rude, they hold up the lines and the world is just supposed to wait on them because well – in the world we live in, people only worry about themselves. What they want, what makes them feel good etc…There’s very little common courtesy or any of the other characteristics we as adults are supposed to have learned already.

3. The “not my child” or  the “My child is extra special” parents. If you have a great kid that’s awesome for you. But the center of your universe is NOT the center of mine. Yes, juniors accomplishments are great but they aren’t your accomplishments. Quit patting yourself on the back at how awesome you are. There was a time when adults didn’t use Junior to boost their ego. The really funny part is when you have a kid who is popular or fantastic, some idiots think that makes them the envy of all other parents. Yeah…not happening. What’s really happening is the moment you walk away the other parents are laughing their ass off at you after you’ve bragged about all you do for the school and how it’s a better place with their kids there.

I’ve seen it happen and it’s brutal. Don’t be that obnoxious parent. School is your child’s experience, you’ve already had yours.

4. Making school lunches. Yeah my twins are sophomores and old enough to make their own lunches. Mine are either practicing or performing with the marching band 5/6 days a week. When they get home they pretty much pass out. So, for now I make the lunches until the whole band thing it over with. I don’t like handling the lunch meat. I know it’s a silly little thing that people have no issue with, I’m just not one of them. As soon as the marching season is over though, if they want lunch they’ll have to make it. I DO know it’s not a big deal to do it but I’m trying to make sure my kids know how to do the basics before they go off to college. It kills me how many don’t even know how to use a washing machine.

Likey, likey, likey

1. My kids aren’t bored. School keeps them busy, band keeps them busy. It’s good for everyone.

2. My 18 yr old is enjoying his independence. He busts his ass 5-6 days a week, sometimes 10-12 hours a day. He does his own laundry, pays his own bills, buys his own clothes and because he works nights, he makes his own dinner. When I offer to do these things for him he tells me not to worry about it. He doesn’t smoke, has never come home drunk (and he comes home every night – he doesn’t like sleeping anywhere else – and is so anti-drug he sounds like a commercial.

3. Seeing old friends. Over the summer myself and a few other parents who have been together since kindergarten are so busy we don’t get the chance to get together. When school starts we pick up where we left off. They are allies who can commiserate with about what’s happening with the kids and school, teachers, homework etc…

4. My house is cleaner because we are on such a strict schedule. Yep I have a weekly calendar that is filled out. It’s a great tool to keep your stuff organized. I write down everything from laundry to mopping, appointments to the band schedule. It’s the most helpful tool I’ve ever used.

5. Football games. While it’s true our team isn’t the greatest, going to the games is fun. The school has a state of the art football field and stands. A guy I graduated with is now the announcer of the games. You run into others who you went to school with, often times they have kids going to the school as well. It has a “Friday Night Lights” feel to it.

6. Our high school’s campus.

The high school building is old but has been updated so much that it looks like a completely different school.  The main building is 3 stories. Two gyms, a pool and two full cafeterias.

There is a separate auditorium that seats over 500 hundred people. Complete with a stage that has an orchestra pit, dressing rooms etc..As well as the band room, orchestra room and choir room ( I totally made out with a guy in the choir room back in 10th grade….lol)

A second gymnasium building that has an indoor track, professional conditioning rooms, and a huge gym.

Art and shop and J.R.O.T. C all have their own buildings as well.

The baseball field is fucking incredible as well as the tennis courts, the football field and the newest thing to be added, the soccer field. Concessions at the baseball field and one at the football field.

We live in a middle to lower class school district but our campus is wonderful. It’s taken me a long time to learn to like where I live. To be proud of where I am and to be grateful for my little city.

I hope you are having wonderful weather and enjoying Sept…..



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