1. Waiting- I hate waiting for anything. I don’t have a lot of patience so waiting can be torture.
  2. School bus drivers at my kids school. I can’t fully express my annoyance with these people and am thankful I don’t make the kids ride the bus. I’m surprised there haven’t been more accidents in my school district.
  3. People who think they can tell me what to do, trying to control me. Doesn’t work and never will….
  4. Every person who is running for President. From buffoons, to liars, to religious zealots. There isn’t anyone I like. As far as I can see they are all crappy choices. Watching and listening to reasons why people love some of these candidates has me shaking my head. It also shows a clear understanding that people don’t get how things are run. While they all say “I’m going to do this or I’m going to do that…” It’s all just blowing smoke. At this point I’m ready to vote for DeezNutz as the commander and chief. No one respects us in the rest of the world and I don’t blame them. The priorities of some politicians are so fucking backward and we keep drinking the poisoned Koolaid every single time. UGH!!!!!!!!!! it all sucks.


  1. My garden. Everyday my DH jokes about the newest additions he finds in the fridge from the garden. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers were used and they turned out beautiful. Next year I’m expanding the garden from one box to five. Along with tomatoes, and peppers, I want to grow onions, green beans, lettuce, cabbage, peas and carrots. I also want to can next year (when I have the time it takes to do it)
  2. My bookclub- I have so much fun and the next meeting might include a young guy. The younger girls in our group are a little excited at the prospect of having a boy joy us. In reality I think he’s 25mbut to me he is a boy…lol.
  3. My circle of friends. I had dinner with a woman from bookclub on Sunday and had breakfast with a friend I met through our children. You can never have too many friends and socializing is so damn important for your mental health. I’m very lucky in that respect.
  4. The Weather – Since the spring the weather here has been great. We only had a few really super hot days – 90+ and the rest of the time has been fantastic. If the weather predictions hold true we will be warmer than normal and have a lot less precipitation this winter. Perfect!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Falling asleep. I have trouble staying asleep but that moments right before you conk out when your relaxed and the world melts away- that is priceless and I enjoy every second of it.

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