When They are Grown!

My oldest boy turned 18 earlier this year.

11403141_459546830893114_963926679849164892_nIt’s hard looking at pictures of him, when all I see is the cute little baby who hated leaving my side. Then I’m drawn back to the time when he was 13 through until he was about 16. It was a very difficult time. Teenage hormones and drama at home ,made life hard.

But My kid is strong. Inside and out. He loves me and knows that blood beats out everything else – 11018133_395668240614307_1590606622428552660_nHe believes in our family and both of his tattoos pay tribute to it. The one on his arm is a dual coat of arms, each side is the DH name and my family names. As are the colors and the actual names themselves.

Then he came home with this and while it’s not something I would do ( skulls really aren’t my thing) It makes me happy to know he understands where his loyalties lie. And the Est date is the year of his birth when we became a real family. HE also understands the “don’t ever get a girlfriend or wife’s name permanently affixed to your body- It’s the surest way to make sure the relationship will not survive. We all know people who thought they were going to be with someone forever and then surprise…it’s over and you end up having the fucking name until you get it lasered off or covered up. Don’t waste your time and your money…..lol….he understands this.


12006296_484380471743083_1173745373677914044_nI’m lucky that I like most of his friends. Yeah there will always be a few who I’m not thrilled with but my boy so far has been good about weeding out the assholes and trouble-makers….He doesn’t need help in the last area. Compared to other parents and what some of these kids put their parents through, I’ve gotten off easy. The kid is anti everything. Drinking, drugging and smoking. He doesn’t preach to his friends but they all tease him and call him the “Good Kid” He just laughs and waits until the next time they are wasted and he screws with them, putting up 6 second videos on snap chat or on Vine. I don’t get it but the little shit gets me when I least expect it and usually when I’m bitching at him. Apparently his followers think I’m funny (yeah I’m not thrilled by this). My best friend told me her son does the same thing to her so it’s pretty common that kids are taking videos of their parents when they don’t know and then sharing them with their own friends. Gotta Love Technology.


11959965_476563969191400_6446361212451751487_nI’m thankful to have this young man in my world. He was planned, wanted and needed. I wasn’t nearly as good of a parent as I should have been. But I learned so much and today this kid is awesome. He works one full-time job, and is ready to start a second part-time job on an opposite shift. Putting money away for a brand new car ( unfortunately I can’t help him financially, but he understands why.) His work ethic is incredible, something he learned from his father and his Papa. He’s had a job since he was 16. He doesn’t expect us to do everything for him and that earning what you have makes you appreciate it more.

He is very independent and it took me awhile as a parent to let him have that. Managing their every move, trying to control their every decision and giving them everything they want churns out some pretty fucking entitled and bratty kids who aren’t going to be able to cut it in the real world when shit doesn’t go their way and they run back home to mommy and daddy to fix it.

I’ve had to let go and not question every facet of his life. From his NON-Girlfriend that he spends all his free time with to the stupid pranks he and his friends pull on each other. There will always be bumps along the way but as a parent when you step away from the drama and give your kids wings to fly, great things do happen. He may be laid back but that is because he stays out of most drama. He definitely doesn’t revel in it like I used to.

He still asks me everyday how I’m feeling and when he says goodbye he tells me I drive him crazy and that he loves me. He will always have my back. What more could a mom ever ask for from her child?

And because he is my concert buddy , this is a song that we sing together when we see Shinedown. My song to him…..


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