Like/Hate 9/21

My hates today-

  1. Physical Pain – I thought when I became half the size I used to be would change everything in my life for the better. Unfortunately, I’ve has some of the oddest freaking things happen to me. The past few months have been joint pain all over and it’s starting to suck. I’m still trying different things to relieve it. This week I’m going to look at the food angle and see if it makes a little bit of difference.
  2. Insomnia – This goes hand in hand with #1. It’s hard to relax when your aching and even harder to sleep through it. I generally wake up 3 or 4 times a night. It’s catching up to me and I’m getting more exhausted now.
  3. Putting stuff off. I’m good at putting things i really don’t want to do off for another day.

What I’m liking today

  1. Being creative. I’m making bookmarks to sell at the store. I have a ton of beads (glass and crystal) and picked up some really nice ribbon. I spent my day off today making the bookmarks and am really happy with how they turned out.
  2. Vikings. Their history and mythology is fascinating. Those tall, warrior blonds with crystal blue eyes – seriously it doesn’t get any better than a man who looks like one – I do prefer blond hair, blue-eyed men so much I married one.
  3. The anticipation that is starting to build for the new Star Wars movie. The DH gave me two T-Shirts so far and I’ll be getting more but I won’t be stopping want the p,j’s, underwear and a remote-controlled Millennium Falcon.  Yes I do realize that I’m forty something but who cares. The day I have to act all prim and proper ( MY age) is the day that I’ve stopped caring about enjoying my life. Leave it to Beaver, Brady Bunch type of life is NOT fun. It’s stale, very shallow and B-O-R-I-N-G. No fun, and no sense of real pleasure can be had if I had to live that way.
  4. Laughter….because if you don’t have a really good belly laugh everyday you indeed have it bad.

I hope your week is filled with lots of laughter,



1 Comment

  1. Dislikes today for me. Much as I want to, I cannot do errands in town without my ankles , knees and back aching, why ? arthritis for almost 40 years. Good news.. I am better than I was years ago. For your joints… Heating pad and aspercreme ? I understand the insomnia. I have ended up playing on my iPad in the middle of the night. I found that I was needing to nap in the afternoon. Right now, the cats are waking me up in the night.. Play time. Feed me something different. As for you putting things off. No you are not. You are reorganizing and prioritizing according to the needs of the day. Creativity in my case may not seem creative to some, however I find it relaxing , but focusing. What is it ? Adult colouring books. There is such a wide and wonderful selection. Yes. Embrace your inner geek. The space or scify channel is a definite must watch. Dark Matter held my attention this summer. Hurrah Dr. Who is back. I wonder if the Star Wars will avoid some of the missteps of the past.. In conclusion.. Rest when you can , remember accept help , find enjoyment where you can.


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