Fransico is the man!

I’m not Catholic. I don’t practice any religion. I always say I’ve been released for time served. My issue with church is the utter hypocrisy by leaders and congregations alike. I’ve found them very judgmental, intolerant of people who may not believe in the same doctrine as them.

Then along comes Pope Francis. He talks the talk but more importantly he walks the walk. He follows the tenets that Jesus Christ laid out during his time on earth.

I’ve seen the pictures and video of him washing the feet of the sick and the poor. Imagine the man who is considered one of the holiest on the planet who is humble, loving and truly believes that it’s our duty to help those in need.

He believes that it’s our responsibility to take care of the earth for future generations. It always amuses me when critics say he needs to leave climate change to the scientists. He has a degree in Chemistry so I’m pretty sure he understands the situation concerning it.

He is the embodiment of love. It’s not only in his words but how he interacts with people. The joy that lights up his face is infectious.

He’s rejected the grandeur and greed often associated with church. He doesn’t wear designer slippers. He doesn’t live in the papel apartments, effectively cut off from people. He prefers to sit in a wooden chair instead of a golden throne.

It doesn’t matter what church you were raised in. He is the embodiment of love. He walks the same path as Jesus who himself had issues with the wealthy for their greed, judgment and ignoring the poor.

He calls out those who are obsessed with making more, getting more at the expense of those who have nothing. He calls us out for our self motives, our unwillingness to not judge, to not forgive and for ignoring the poor.

We live in one of the richest nations in the world and there is never an excuse for people going hungry, for people who have no shelter. He’s emphasized that we should approach the world with love and understanding, compassion and empathy.

He challenges without being confrontational. He inspires others to to do good work without needing to be praised for that work. When you do things out of love for others you shouldn’t expect to be exalted for doing what we were told to do by Jesus himself.

Whether or not you are a believer doesn’t matter. Love, forgiveness, compassion and empathy aren’t just tenets of religion. Greed has always been a grievous act. When you spend a million dollars for a home when you can live in just a little smaller one and use the rest of your money, your time and your gifts to help others should be a no brainer.

The fact that the chase after the material things provides you with only a momentary kind of satisfaction is sad.

I do what I can and it’s not all about giving money. I don’t talk about what my family does to lend a hand to others because that isn’t why we do it. We don’t need a pat on the back for doing what those of us who have a roof over our head and food in our belly should be doing.

He truly is everything that is good about humanity. For the first time in my lifetime I believe he is truly a Holy Servant.

I encourage people to listen or read his words. To really think about your place among humanity. To ask yourself where can I help?

He teaches joy and mercy. Love and service. Most of all he is a quiet hope in a sea of utter chaos.

I admire the man, not because he is The Pope but because he embodies everything that is good in mankind.


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