No More Roar

   I can’t do it anymore. Watching the Lions play last night left me with a stomach ache. There is so much fucking dysfunction within this team from the owners down.

Why the offensive coordinator hasn’t been shown the door is beyond me. Why they try to force a run game that isn’t there seems to be such a waste of time and talent. The offensive line SUCKS. There is no pass protection what so ever.

My man Calvin and Golden Tate are not being engaged. Matty is a gunslinger they keep trying to control. Something he clearly isn’t able to do, so stop trying to make him into a QB that is. He performs better with a hurry up offense so why not use that advantage. He’ll never be Manning or Brady and it’s time to stop this insane course of action.

For all intensive purposes their season is over. The silver lining might be a high first round pick in the draft.

I’ve learned over the last few years that blind loyalty will bite you in the ass. That hoping and believing things will change in the face of reality that things definitely won’t change has been a hard lesson but one I’ve completely embraced. When someone shows you who they really are ...Believe them… don’t make excuses for why they are the way they are because the truth is, they are never who you thought they were in the first place.

The Lions have proved they indeed suck. But until they have a major shake up from the top down, starting with Martin Mayhew and on down from there, nothing will ever change.

So here we are 4 games in and we’re the only team who hasn’t won a game. The enjoyment of watching them has turned into a waking fucking nightmare. I’m one of those sports fans who yell at the t.v. I don’t’ want to be angry with the Lions anymore so the only way I can achieve this is by not tuning into their games anymore and choosing another team to root for.

For me that team will be the Packers. Yes, our rivals but you can’t argue with success. Farewell my Lions until they shake up the organization from top to bottom and get back to real football, I’m no  longer going to waste my Sundays watching you get pummeled week after week. I don’t blame the players but those in charge for fucking up the careers of some potentially great players.

I’ve learned that walking away is better than hope when it comes to this team. My loyalty will only go so far before I withdraw it. It’s a bummer but necessary for me to continue to enjoy the sport.

Go Wings!!!!!!!!!!!!


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