Heaven and Hell

Yesterday started out so fucking wonderful. My friend John who I met in the lunch line when I was in tenth grade. went to Prom with and spent many years hanging with him and our close-knit group of friends. He took me to my first club in Detroit when I was 18. We lived at each others homes and his mom treated me like one of her own. When he moved to Vegas, I stayed with him par of the time and then went to his moms when he went to work. He soon moved to San Diego and I was never able to see him. He’s back in town for 2 weeks and yesterday he came to the store and spent most of the day with me. Like with anyone you love and spent so many good years with, it was like we’d been talking to each other for all those years. We picked up where we left off and the years melted away.

He’s been through a lot with his health but as managed to come back from each test he’d been given. He is the embodiment of joy, happiness and laughter and I didn’t realize how much I;d missed that about him. He is Peter Pan and Puck in every way that is good. And just like when my other friend from San Diego visited last month, he and I will never lose contact again. The circle is never broken.

I have family in San Diego as well and I’m really considering that San Diego will be a great place to go when I retire or if I win the lottery…lol..I’m outta here!

Snapshot_20151008On the HELL front. When I came home from work at six, I get a phone call from my Daddy, telling me that my mom had fallen down the basement steps (our biggest nightmare after her 3 knee replacement surgery’s) She’d been on the cold, tile floor for more than 9 hours. I got there as the rescue pulled up. She is so messed up and in so much pain. Morphine and dilated didn’t touch her pain. She dislocated her shoulder. They sedated her and tried to put it back into place but couldn’t get it to stay. She’s been transferred to another hospital where they may have to surgically put her shoulder back. She is bruised from head to toe, badly and at this point I’m not sure she will ever come back from this.

Experiencing the highest high and the lowest low is something that I’m getting really fucking tired with. At this point all I can do is get through work, keep in touch with my dad and the hospital and try to stay awake. I haven’t had more than a couple of hours of sleep.

Sometimes the yin/yang of life really blows.


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