Along with the mess with my mom. My father told me today that my Aunt has breast Cancer, It totally sucks and I feel so bad not only for her but my Dad.He’s very close to his siblings and this is another blow he certainly doesn’t need.

Maya Angelou has always been an inspiration for me and for the past year I do read her quotes. They always are thought-provoking and can usually help pull me out of a funk.


Thoughtful Thursday~May 29~<b>Maya Angelou quotes</b>

20 Beautiful <b>Maya</b> <b>Angelou</b> Picture <b>Quotes</b> | Famous <b>Quotes</b> | Love <b>Quotes</b> ...

Pin by atashi dewanjee on <b>Quotes</b> that I love | Pinterest

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<b>Maya</b> <b>Angelou</b> <b>Quote</b> about writing | Tyto Books

<b>maya angelou quotes</b> life image search results



Knowing Better and Doing Better | Nicole Beurkens

<b>Maya</b> <b>Angelou</b> on Pinterest | Super Soul Sunday, Famous People <b>Quotes</b> ...

<b>Maya</b> <b>Angelou</b>, Inspirational <b>Quotes</b>

Of course there are many more but I thought I’d better stop here.


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