Okay things aren’t quite as major as my all caps title but what we’ve done here at home has given us a bit of financial freedom in a small way.

Cable – The evil conglomerates that hold you hostage with their ridiculous rates. We were paying almost $300 for cable, phone & internet. We might as well have had the word “Sucker” tattooed on our foreheads.

I’m lucky in the sense that television isn’t really that important for our family.The kids usually have it on for nothing more than background noise.

All of the stupid ass reality shows and their shallow and self-promoting situations suck. With the exception of Empire, the Big Bang Therory, sports and the FX network shows, there is nothing I watch.

We came to the decision as a family that we were giving the middle finger to the price gouging cable companies and we got rid of our home phone and cable. We kept the internet but everything else is gone.

A smart T.V, Amazon t.v. Fire sticks, Netflix (7.99) and Hulu (7.99) and a really nice looking antennae for the local channels and we have all the telly we need.

By doing this we will be saving close to $3000.00 dollars a year. Between Hulu and Amazon Prime T.V, we can watch our favorite shows the day after they air on regular T.V. or we can binge watch (which is something I like to do. I’m watching The Americans – which is a great show about Russian Spies in the early 80’s who were planted in the U.S and live as Americans.

What else is nice is that when the new Game of Thrones starts I can get HBO go for a few months and then drop it.
Television, like cell phones are an obsession here in the states. It provides the perfect partner when you’re unhappy. You can lose yourself for hours watching mindless things and not have to deal with life.
I encourage my kids to put down the phones and get out with friends. Videos games were never an issue for us. My kids have way too many other things to keep them busy. I’ve never liked the idea of parents putting their kids in front of a t.v. in order to distract them instead of getting out art supplies and letting them make a mess on the kitchen table.
It makes me sad when I see little ones, toddlers and pre-schoolers paying more attention to an iPad than pretending to be a super hero or any of the millions of other things they could do without any electronics being involved.

While technology is important in the broad sense, it has made us fat, lazy and makes us have the attention span of a gnat.
Some compare their life to what they see on t.v, some are envious of the absolute greed and lavish lifestyles shown on some of these shows.

No thanks, we’ve had enough. I don’t have the money to throw away and definitely am not interested in lining the pockets of the elitist’s that run this country.
I don’t think they believe how much the bottom 90% of people despise them. I mean 90% of us make less than 150,000 a year and we certainly can’t afford the rising costs to watch a box.
I encourage anyone whose life doesn’t revolve around T.V. to cut the cord themselves and take that money to do something fun.



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