NaNo Writing Month

I’ve spent the better part of 3 yrs trying to get my shit together. Slowly putting myself back together with the help of my family and friends and a new attitude. There have been bumps and missteps but I hope I’ve learned what it is I was supposed to through it all. I know I’m better for it. I’m definitely happier then I’ve ever been and I think my attitude as shown that. Don’t get me wrong there are still nightmares and days when I wake up and want to throat punch someone but there are people who are not worthy of my love, friendship etc…I know they are worse off without me. I don’t really take any comfort from the thought and I don’t dwell on them. Moving on provides a clarity I’ve never had before. Namely, that I’m worth much more than they could ever understand.

Getting physically and mentally healthy have been my priorities and I can’t stress enough how important it is NOT to do ANYTHING that doesn’t make you happy (I’m talking about the big picture here not the little things) I’ve found that if you get bent out of shape over the small stuff, that’s indicative of a bigger problem.

Tomorrow starts NaNo writing month. I will be revisiting the world of the Longfellow women, with a new Longfellow cousin Torrie. A doctor/medical examiner for the paranormal. I have my writing buddies and sprint partners lined up.

This is the perfect time to start over. Today is my absolute favorite holiday. No pressures like at Christmas and other religious celebrations. Just fun.

Since this is my favorite time of the year, I intend to take advantage of it and allow the season to wrap around me and hopefully keep me inspired.

Things that I have to keep in mind-

  1. I have to write every single day. The goal of 1670k is entirely doable.
  2. I can’t go back and start editing the next day. A really bad habit I have that can be death to a story. If I think of something I want to add, I’ll make a note and go back in December when I start my edits.
  3. I’m not going to evaluate what I’m writing as I write. Another big problem., I tend to ask questions like “Is this realistic or even possible? What would someone in real life think about this?” These things don’t matter when you are creating a work of fiction.
  4. I’m moving away from the erotic aspect. Not that there won’t be sex but it won’t be the central theme that the story surrounds. I’ve moved further away from that the longer I write. When I was at my best as an Erotic Writer, I was at my worst, most self-destructive in my personal life.

This will be a perfect way to end my year- the first really happy year I’ve had in my life. A year where I no longer hate anyone, am angry everyday, jealous, hateful, negative in every way possible. I’m halfway through my life and I intend for the second half of it to be who I want, to do what I want and to keep being happy. People , places and money don’t make you happy and don’t give you purpose.

I believe in Karma and that what you put in the world is exactly what the world will give back to you and it’s always when you least expect it. You either do better or you’ll be miserable. It’s hard to look at yourself and remember all the shitty things you’ve done. I’ve tried very hard to apologize and make sure I never do to others whats been done to me.

Complementing NaNo will be the last link in the chain I’ve been forging this year and will act as physical proof that I’m not bound by what others think of me, by my past issues and by some of the things I still have to work out.

This is the start of my New Year, yeah it’s a little early but I’m happy to be here and give it a go.

I hope my fellow authors who are participating in NaNo all have success with it in November and can reach the 50,000 word count.

Lots of luck and good Karma to all who go forward in November and hopefully by January there will be a slew of new books for readers to enjoy.

Happy All Hallows Eve!



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