Nano Day 1

I had it all planned out. When I would write and where I would write it. Unfortunately my head and sinus’ gave me the big middle finger. Last night on my favorite day of the year I became sick, the kind of sick where everything hurts, I’m coughing my lungs up and the stuff swirling around in my head makes me feel like it’s going to explode.

I couldn’t even open the store, which pisses me off to no end. Time to load up on the Vitamin C. I shouldn’t complain as I have been sick in a long time.

To add insult to injury the Lions got their asses handed to them in London. I’ve put away all my Lion’s gear. Over the past few years I’ve learned to walk away from a loser. I no longer give my undying loyalty where it’s not deserved. My hometown football team certainly doesn’t. Lucky for me there are other teams I can happily watch – Go Pacs- Go NE.

Here in the D we don’t even know how to respond to this season. We lived through the 0-16 season and thought it wasn’t possible for them to suck any worse than they did that year but somehow this season is worse. At this point I wouldn’t care if they got rid of my crush Matthew Stafford. He may have a great body, he may be cute as hell but those two things don’t count in football or in life.  When you consistently can’t get it right, you never will. I doubt he would fare any better with a different team. No one likes losing but you have to know when to cut something loose when the results are always the same. I’ve been able to apply this to my personal life and though it isn’t easy it sure as hell makes you eventually feel better. And once I let it go, there is no going back. I’m done.

Can the boys in Honolulu Blue get me back? Yes, but they have a lot to prove before I will open my heart to this football team. Dramatic …Yes….but it’s football and football is King.

At least we have Michigan and MSU to fall back on this year and that is enough.

So amid the kleenex and cold medicine. The naps and a long hot shower, my story is waiting to be told. It’s only 4:00 and i have plenty of time to get started. Maybe after the roast and potatoes (if I get my appetite back). For now I’m going to get a little shut eye and dream of my hero and hopefully he will tell me his story.


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