Love/Hate – November addition

The list of things that don’t make me happy has been getting shorter this year. Maybe it’s the acceptance of the way things are, maybe it’s not dealing with things that don’t feel good. Who knows but I’m not going to over analyze it.

Don’t like-

  1. Rolling the clocks back. I’m a sun kind of girl and I hate that it gets dark by six.
  2. Having to deal with what is apparently my sinus’. It’s dragged on for 2 weeks and I’m over it.
  3. That time is moving faster and faster the older I get.

Things I love-

1.My store, because it’s mine and i feel like I have purpose.

2.My dogs Jake and Tanner. Everyday when I come home they are at the window whinging and howling and when I walk through the door they greet me with nothing but love.

3. Inspiration- Every now ans then it hits me and I’m able to write. Granted it’s not very often but I’ll take advantage when it does.

4. I’m happy I’ve accepted the weight that I am now. After my surgery I ended up anorexic (yeah irony sucks) but I’m finally at a healthy weight and no I don’t follow the stupid ass BMI charts. NO more sunken in cheeks, chicken legs and bones sticking out. I’ve never felt uglier then I did a year after my surgery.

That’s it. Pretty simple.Doing what makes me happy has changed my life for the better. It’s not perfect but it’s working for me.


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