What an Awesome weekend!

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This was the view outside my bay window this morning. Our 1-2 inch snowfall turned into a 6-7 inch snowfall when it was all said and done. I lost power at the store an hour into book club and the drive home was interesting, the first snow generally is as people always seem to forget how to drive in it.

The weatherman was wrong – big time! Even though I dread the first snowfall, this was different.

This weekend has been awesome if you’re a sports fan. Yesterday both Michigan and MSU won. MSU beat OSU our rivals for the first time in 23 games. Next week it’s Michigan’s turn to take them on. I’m a fan of both schools (I don’t have a preference) I just love football and anytime we win it’s great.

The Lion’s, my poor, poor Lion’s went into Lambo Field last weekend and won for the first time in 24 years and today they beat the Raiders, another victory in our poor teams 3-9 record. The Redwings are in 3rd place right now and even the Pistons are above .500

Michigan has been on the receiving end of some really positive things happening. The unemployment rate is a little below 5%.

Gas is down to $1.75 a gallon…yes a $1.75…

They’ve added 600,000 new jobs. New construction is way up. There is a ton of things going in downtown. Along with the new Redwings building and shopping center, some of the older buildings with fantastic architecture have been bought and are being renovated into luxury apartments. 

The suites for the new arena sold out quickly.

The store is doing really well and I’m looking forward to improving things in the coming year.

The book club has 3 new people and that brings us up to 12. It’s so much damn fun and I look forward to it every month.

DH is doing all the Christmas shopping! I’m so happy about that. The only thing I’ll have to shop for is him. I hate shopping. I’ll only go to the mall if I have no other choice and this time a year people get really stupid and greedy around the holidays.

I’ve reached the point where I spend my holidays my way. I have no issue hanging at the house, snuggling under a blanket and watching old movies while everyone else is rushing to get from place to place. I say let them have it.

We may have snow now but it will be gone by Thanksgiving. DH and the kids might go Downtown Detroit for the parade and then to the in-laws home for the day. I will be doing what I said above. Hanging at home and totally relaxing.

It’s nice as the kids are almost grown, how you learn to relax and take care of yourself. While I’ll always be mom and I’ll always be there for them, my kids don’t need me very much. They’re all smart and independent and have plans for their lives. What more could a parent ask for?

Winter has arrived and it will be cold and snowy for the nest 3 months or so but for the first time since I was a kid, I’m not dreading it. I’m embracing it for what it is.

I’m thankful everyday for the things that I have in my life and am grateful for those I love.

I hope you all can have a Happy and stress free Thanksgiving.






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