Stress Relief with Eye Candy

It doesn’t matter how well you think you’ve prepared yourself for the holidays, I haven’t yet found the perfect combination to keep me from feeling out of sorts or pressure to make sure everyone is happy. If you manage to have your family in a good mood, inevitably something else comes along and gives you a kick in the ribs.

At least that what it feels like when things start to stress me out. It can be something small, something stupid or something that just isn’t that big of a deal.

What does help is being able to recognize when I’m getting “ONE” of those moods.

It’s times like this, when my thoughts are swirling and I can’t concentrate and my emotions are starting to determine my day (and not in a good way) I reach back for what helps to get me back into a more even head space.

I don’t listen to slow music. Adele who has an amazing voice and is gorgeous to boot is one of those artists that I can’t listen to on a normal day much less so when I feel like I have been. The music is so mournful and forlorn. I don’t want to cry or long for someone, a time or place. Talk about fanning the flames of depression. She’s one who I have to stay away from.

I break out my lists and start making them every day. Making sure that my time is filled up from the moment I wake up until I go to bed. It keeps the mind busy, it keeps my body busy. I haven’t used them since I bought the store but I can tell when I need it and right now I need it.

I push myself physically. I backed off from working out and that and a couple of others things are the only activities that work to burn off the excess energy.

I read and I write without worrying whether or not it’s any good. I get to take out my frustrations on the bad guys in my books. There’s something cathartic about having a wolf shifter hero tear the throat out of the meanie in the book.

When it’s a really rotten kind of day I fall back to the beautiful men whose pictures make me smile. Make me imagine new heros, and who I now use for inspiration since my real life muses are gone forever.

I’ll end this with some of my favorite pics of men I imagine as the perfect Viking Warrior (I’m so into Vikings) and hopefully I’ll dream of one of them, huddle naked under a fur….YUM


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