Nightmares SUCK! I’m talking about the kind that wake you up clutching your chest, the ones that have your guts twisted and squeezing your insides until you want to crawl into a ball and never dream again.

Full moon, P.M.S and a thousand other things that come together at the right moment to give you a dream that makes you both unbelievably sad, angry and scared.

The ones that ruin your day and you can’t forget. I don’t have them often but when I do it sticks with me. Not as long as they used to but enough to ruin my entire day before it’s even started.

It happens when you want something more then anything and you can’t have it ever again. When your imagination takes you into uncharted territory and it scares the hell out of you.


I’m left with the choice to either let it eat at me or to do whatever I need to in order to forget it.

Sometimes it only takes a few kind words to erase the nightmare and I hope like hell I hear them soon.


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