The Sale continues

I’ve extended the sale at the store through next week as a Thank You to my customers. Friday and Saturday were great days. Many friends, old and new came to see us.

I wake up everyday and can’t believe just how lucky I am to be doing what I love. My friends were on me yesterday to get to the writing. One of them told me I needed a muse. I thought that was funny for reasons I no longer go into. But I really appreciate their support. I also am thankful that they tell me I don’t suck as an author which is something I’ve struggled with. Because they know my writing process so well, they gave me some pretty cool ideas. The first is to carry my legal pad with me everywhere. That way if a idea or scene take form I can write it down immediately, file it and save for later. It’s so simple yet so fucking helpful.

The weather here has been almost too good to be true this year. I looked at the next 10 days on The Weather Channel and I’m loving it. Mostly in the 50’s with a couple of days of rain in the morning or at night and sunny. Yes, it’s sunny in Michigan going into December. If it could stay this way all winter I would be thrilled.

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday and are getting ready for the Christmas season. This year I’m especially happy the kids are so easy to buy for. In theory we don’t have to step in a store. Well at least I don’t, the DH does all the shopping. He has the money (yeah I had a big time spending problem a few years ago so he does the bills and shopping) It used to bother me but he isn’t involved with my writing or my store business so I have no issues with it. I know not very feminist of me and I know it’s not ideal for most people but for me it seems to work.

I have what I need (okay not everything I want) but what I need and I’m good with it. More money just leads to mo’ problems and I like not having to live paycheck to paycheck.

With the exception of the store, I’m working on being completely out of debt in 2 yrs…..Goals are set and I’m working on the budget. I don’t mind living with one when it’s going to leave me in a really good position as the twins go off to college.  DO without the extras now and get what I want in a few years—seems like a no-brainer to Let’s hope I can stick it out.

It’s a great weekend and I hope you were able to enjoy a stress free, feel good weekend like I was. I’m grateful everyday that I’ve been able to change my outlook on the world. Yeah I still falter but I’m able to get it together much faster then I used to.

It’s made me a much happier, fun, passionate and satisfied with my life because of it.

In 2 yrs I hit the big 50. The kids will be in college and I will have the kind of freedom I haven’t had since I was 29. I love my kids but I’m ready to let them go and live their own life. I used to worry about getting older but now I’m looking forward to all the things I’ll be able to do again that I haven’t in sooo long.

I wish you all warm wishes and hope you get plenty of passionate kisses,




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