A Knight in Tarnished Armor

I never wanted the Knight in Shining Armor riding on a white horse to swoop into my life. They’re too confident of their ability to make everything okay. They pride themselves on how things appear and how a woman should behave. Shining Armor is an empty place full of pleasantries, politeness, routine and a code of conduct. There isn’t much that is genuine about that Shining Armor, where kisses and sex are mundane. Where laughter and smiles are forced. Where resentments eat away at you until you’re nothing more then a shell going through the motions.

Nope give me the man in the Tarnished Armor with all the dings and dents gained through life. He lives his passions, in and out of the bedroom. His kiss will curl your toes. He can take all you have to give and give it back. He can laugh when your P.M.S. ing. He doesn’t cry at the drop of a hat. He might not be the most handsome man in the world but you love him even more for it. The lines on his face and the gray in his hair are just reminders of the battles he fought in life and that is beautiful. His actions speak louder than his words. His eyes hide nothing even if his face does. He works hard no matter what his vocation and takes pride in it.

It doesn’t matter to him if he’s wealthy or not as long as your happy. He tells you when he’s upset by something you’ve said and done. He’s flawed, has made plenty of mistakes and come out on the better side for it. He is forgiving and kind.

He doesn’t forgo his dreams for yours but finds a way you both can live with.

He cooks because you hate it. He smiles and laughs at your stupid stories and he wraps you up when you need it the most and are afraid to ask for it. He respects your mind, your soul over your body and what you have. He doesn’t take your shit and gives as good as he gets. He loves the challenge even if it drives him crazy.

He indulges you when you find something fascinating and he doesn’t. He doesn’t cared if your tattooed, pierced or dress in endless T-Shirts and jeans. He lets you wear his shirts to bed with a smile even if he doesn’t understand that it makes you feel safe and warm.

He makes you feel secure, sexy and loved. He knows that you’ll do anything and everything to make him as happy as he’s made you.

He makes you a better woman.

Yes ladies, don’t pass up a Knight because you see the flaws on the outside. He is perfectly imperfect and you love him because of it.


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