I know it’s a few days late but lucky for me I’ve been busy at the store the last 3 days so I put off this post until today.

These are the things I’m thankful for.

The love I feel. Family, friends, places and times. Accepting it for what it is with no” if only”… attached to it. No one is perfect and real love doesn’t change because of peoples flaws.

Accepting myself and others for who they really are without expectations. It’s not fair to place those kinds of burdens on anyone, especially yourself.

My friends who encourage me where my writing is concerned. I’ve been insulted where my writing was concerned and it hurt- a lot. In fact I haven’t finished a story since November of last year. The single sentence still sticks with me whenever I open a file and try to write. It would have been easy to take from a stranger but not from someone you know. In the end it is what it is and I either move on from it or let it continue to bother me.

My store- There is a list of reasons why I’m so freaking happy with the store. I guess the biggest is that I love books and I’m good at my job.

My family, for obvious reasons.

It’s a pretty simple list but I’ve done my best to make things that way.

I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving with NO drama or fighting and were given nothing but love.




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