Reboot 2016

It’s been so long since I’ve finished a story that I’ve forgotten just how satisfying it is and how accomplished it felt to write “The End”.

2015 has been spent getting myself together on a personal level. As the end of the year approaches, I’m happy with the results so far. Yeah, it’s not perfect but it is a thousand times better then it used to be.

2016 is going to be the year of the relaunch of my writing career. My mother’s shoulder surgery will be over and she’ll be well on her way in rehab.

My kids need me less and less and I’ll need to fill that time in different ways. So while 2015 was getting myself together in my head, 2016 will be dedicated to putting my passion to the page. Making my physical health as best as it can be and to enjoy my friends without the angst I used to wallow in.

The tone and direction of some of my to be finished books will probably change as well as anything new I do. I don’t want to dive back into angst driven things. I’m not in that place anymore and there are a ton of writers who do it and do it much better than I. I’ll still write on the dark side but I’m not going to get stuck in the rabbit hole again with no way out.

It’s been something I’ve been struggling with on and off this year when I’ve attempted to write and it puts a lot of pressure on me. I got into the very bad habit about worrying if every word I wrote was perfect or not. When I began I didn’t struggle with that, I just wrote. It was simple. When I was angry or annoyed I wrote fight scenes and when I was happy I wrote some really freaking hot sex scenes. It wasn’t even a conscious thing, it just happened.

I used to work on two or three stories at once and whichever story spoke to me that day was what I worked on. Getting back to how I used to write, to actually love what I write, is what I’ll be concentrating on in the new year.

I truly believe as writers when we let the things that are happening around us, to us, we do experience this kind of deep freeze on our emotions, on our ability to start, believe or finish what we are doing.

It’s like when one of my favorite authors Anne Rice lost her husband. Her muse for the vampire Lestat. The devastation from that loss had her moving across the country, writing the Christ novels and telling her readers that she couldn’t write Lestat again.

Time past, she healed and found herself and Lestat again. Or Laurann Dohner who had a horrible medical issue but with the help of her family, friends and a husband who adores her, she’s been able to continue with her awesome writing. Slowly at first but roaring now.

These women inspire me to hit the re-start button and enjoy what I love doing. No over-thinking, no longing for the good ole days when I could trot out 5k a day. No more comparing now to then.

I’ve made a pretty heavy writing schedule with several stories I want to get to in 2016.

  1. More Longfellow’s
  2. My post yesterday was actually a sneak peak about a new w.i.p. Tarnished Knights- Dragon Shifters….
  3. A trip back to Velvet Ice, maybe more.
  4. I’m leaving the rest open for what my pops into my head.

I had some of the girls from book club in the store the other day and they reminded me that I can write. I have some really good beta readers who will tell me exactly what they think, not what I WANT to hear. Praise has never made me comfortable.

Oh I’m not waiting until 2016 to write. No, I’ve been getting my shit together. Pulling out several w.i.p.s and prioritizing them.

Fingers crossed and heart and mind open and I may just have the kind of year I haven’t in a long time.




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