Dirty Dishes!!!!

I’m not a clean freak when it comes to my home. It’s not realistic when you have kids-more so when they are teenagers. I do though expect them to pick up after themselves and have set rules so they learn how to take care of themselves and pitch in around the house.

From the time they were small, we taught them to put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher. Sure I generally have to re-do the dishes before I wash them but I still expect them to do their part. DH gets frustrated sometimes and puts the dishes in himself instead of telling them to do it. For me, I think the only thing it teaches them is that eventually Dad will take care of it.

I’d rather remind them to do it and I don’t care if I have to remind them everyday. Usually I don’t because at this age they’ve become good at remembering. Even their friends remember to put the dishes in the dishwasher. Where the DH get mad because they “forget” or “I will do it in a minute” I take pleasure in becoming Nagzilla- Yes my boys love to tell me that.

I know that my nagging about the dish in question gets them moving just so I will shut up better then bitching and moaning. All that ever does is piss off the one who’s angry. The kids couldn’t care less.

The same goes with their clothes. If they want them washed, they need to be in their basket or they don’t get washed. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “Mom, did you wash X?”

I respond with, “Was it your basket?”

“No, but I need it.”

Me. “Then I guess you need to put it in the washer.” TO which they sigh and mumble as they walk out of the room.

Coddling your kids to the point where they can’t even manage to put away their dishes or keep their dirty clothes together only make parents frustrated and have to work harder. Why? Some people don’t want junior to have a bad day, be upset or pitch a fit. Or one parent does everything and the kids end up being intolerable, spoiled adults.

My kids have it pretty easy and I’m by no means on them all the time. But there are things in my home that they know are not tolerated. 

My last absolute law has always been NO FREAKING WHINING! EVER….if you whine in my house you have to go to your room and whine there. If you’re going to pitch a fit, fall to the ground whatever…you have to do it in your room because there is no way in HELL i will ever negotiate with a child, especially one who whines and cries to get their way. The tears don’t move me. I don’t care if they tell me they hate me or that I’m mean. It’s better they think that now and have their little feelings hurt versus not learning this and going out into the big bad world where NOBODY cares whether they’re happy or not.

It’s how I was raised. How many generations before me were raised and none of us ever died from having to do a little work or not getting what we want.

One of the things I’ve learned this year is that when you plant a seed, guide it when needed or leave it alone entirely wonderful things can grow.



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