R.I.P Scott!!!


I was going to write about something fun….my newest book, but when I opened up my Yahoo, there is was. Scott Weiland dead at 48.

Stone Temple Pilots is one of my favorite bands to come out of the 90’s. I was never a Nirvana fan. Pearl Jam were too preachy. For me it was all about Alice and Chains and STP.

Trev my oldest loves them too and when they were in town this summer, we weren’t able to go. I figured no problem – next time. Only next time will never come. It’s sad and tragic that we continue to lose great artists to addiction, overdoses etc….

When I woke him up this morning to tell him, he was really bummed. As my concert buddy we looked forward to the next time they were in town.

Hearing this compounded with the shootings in Paris and Cali, it absolutely re-enforces my belief that you have to live each moment to the fullest. The old cliche that we are never promised tomorrow always hits home when things like this happen. It sucks…sucks…sucks…

Be happy today. In every moment. Yeah I know it’s not possible to be full of joy all the time. I’m talking about being happy in your life.

Hiding away within the walls of your home won’t protect you. Cutting yourself off from the experience of life does nothing but make you depressed.

What do you do? Simple. Make changes. If it doesn’t make you happy DON’T DO IT!

Hate your job? Work to find another one- something you love to do. Stop worrying about how much money you make, because really money can’t fill your soul.

Scott had all the money in the world but it didn’t help him.

If you hate your home, work to get a new one. If there are emotional vampires in your life that love to suck all the happiness from you, get rid of them.

Being happy – really happy is not selfish. Sacrificing the best of who you are doesn’t make you a hero, it makes you fake. When you aren’t good with yourself, your life, everyone around you will know it. Somewhere deep down others can sense that you’re going through the motions.

As I’ve gotten older, it becomes clearer that our time on this earth is short. Before you know it you are old and wondering what would have happened if you’d taken a different path.

At my age, I’m halfway through my life and I’ve been done with the hiding away and wallowing about everything that hasn’t gone right in my life.

I try and wake up each day with the intention of it being a good one. Of enjoying every second as though I’d never see another.

With all the lives that have been cut down this year, I think the message is clear. We never know when it will all end, don’t let regret, fear, obligation and anger hold you back or pin you in place.

Live, love, and laugh and if you aren’t doing this everyday then make the changes so that you can!!!!



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