My Favorite Things.

I love getting gifts. Who doesn’t?

Lucky for me the kinds of things I love aren’t expensive yet I love them more than I would a Diamond Ring.

So, I’m sharing some of the things I’m hoping to get this year. Okay, so my book store was a great big gift as far as I’m concerned but come on I’m a girl, easy to please and I like the small things (as long as they aren’t in PINK!)

jewelry Every girl loves jewelry. I’d rather have something interesting and full of color versus diamonds. Never mind the whole Blood Diamond tragedy that still goes on today. You may be wondering if I have a diamond wedding ring. Yes, I do. It’s my grandmother’s and the rings are 70 yrs old and will be passed down to my daughter. Here are a few I really love in my birthstone, a color I happen to LOVE.

3771187e3f2b792670d5f9a38b91e7c0 18ffbf1aca0b27e5084873b86ed0af2b








I also love long rings. My fingers are long and slender and I love the way the rings look.f37f089308ec26e7b614fa3d994603fd








Bath and Body Works is the bomb. I don’t know anyone woman who doesn’t like something from there. I love their aroma therapy line. All of it but my favorite is the Stress re-leaving shower gel, candle and lotion.








And last but not least Clothes and shoes. I don’t want to “dress” like a mom. You know mom jeans and a pink or white something and without wanting to look like a forty-something dressing too young.

black-leggings-white-sweater faux-fur-vest-white-blouse1 wine-sweater-dress-172x168 green-sweater-with-leggings top-10-cute-fall-outfit-ideas-latest-beauty-casual-street-fashion-style-trends-5 top-10-cute-fall-outfit-ideas-latest-beauty-casual-street-fashion-style-trends-8 trendy-chill-lions
















I hope Santa gives you some of your favorite things this year.



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